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canvass of a cowboy depicts the transformation which occurred in the life of a fictional character named Trampas, as portrayed by Doug McClure (1935 - 1995) in the Western Television series THE VIRGINIAN


You may not find this word in a book of popular baby names, but Owen Wister aptly chose to call his villain "Trampas" in his novel THE VIRGINIAN, A HORSEMAN OF THE PLAINS.   According to the AMERICAN HERITAGE SPANISH DICTIONARY, trampas is the plural of the word trampa which means (noun) "trap door, trap, snare" or ( verb) "to trap, to trick".  "Hacer trampas" means "to cheat".   However, the producers of the television series seemed to have  had other things in mind than a final showdown between Trampas and the Virginian and developed this character more than any other on the show. 

So for you fans of THE VIRGINIAN from its original air dates in the 1960's, to those who have "met" Trampas through replays on various TV stations, and all of you who may come to enjoy watching him in the future, here, in tribute, is but a small remembrance of this quintessential cowboy.   And for those who visit this site out of curiosity because you share the name of this character, I pray as you look through these pages you will see the kind of man Trampas became and find a better appreciation of why your parents might have chosen to bestow on you such an unusual title.  "What you think of a name depends so much on the people you know by that name" (quote from THE VIRGINIAN episode "Man of Violence").  May God's blessings be upon you.


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  Photos with * are stills of the actual episodes from which the quotations were taken.


1. hellion  

2. start of a man's life  

3. a little learning   

4. a very human hero  

5. it goes with the name  

6. --Trampas  










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I would also like to thank Robert Rigdon, Mark Harrison, Andrea Lopez, Bob McCrea, Nancy Durgin, and T.J. Strahan for their help in supplying me with video tapes of THE VIRGINIAN, and Mr. Milton T. Moore, Jr., various eBay merchants,  and The Movie Market for their great selection of photos from this series.

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