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Trampas: "If I wanted personal revenge I would have killed them when I caught them.  I'm going by the law, and I'm not gonna roll over and play dead for you, Lopez, or anyone else."

(SIEGE, by Donn Mullally, 2.13 [043] / Directed by Don McDougall)





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Kim Ho:   "I have learned a great deal from you. . . The qualities I accused your people of lacking--you have them all."

Trampas:  "Whoa, now, I'm--"

Kim Ho:  "You think I mean things like being brave or heroic."

Trampas:  "What do you mean?"

Kim Ho:  "I mean, you are kind, even gentle, and with a love for life.  Yet to survive you must be something, something perhaps you do not want to be.  I mean you--we are really very much alike, you and I -- all of us."

(SMILE OF A DRAGON, teleplay by Cy Chermak & Don Ingalls, story by Borden Chase, 2.22 [052] / Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen)





*Doug McClure and Katherine Crawford
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[Trampas is responsible to deliver Lars Holstrum's intended bride.  Miss Swenson is very independent and goes off on her own.  Trampas finds the wagon in an Indian village and "charges" into a teepee to find her making butter with the Indian women.  He lies to them about her, including that she is "his woman," then ushers Miss Swenson out of the teepee.  His concern is that the Indians would want to hold her for "ransom that even Lars couldn't pay"]

Miss Swenson:  . . . "And what can I possible fear when my father is now general in the army, and I am squaw of man who is valiant enough to come CHARGING into teepee full of women brandishing his revolver?"

Trampas: "How did I know those braves were gone?"

(A BRIDE FOR LARS, by True Boardman, 2.28 [058] / Directed by Earl Bellamy)




*Kurt Russell atop Doug McClure
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Trampas: "What's this 'I'm your father' business?  What are you trying to do, ruin my social life?"

Toby: "Look, Mr. Trampas, don't tell on me, not yet anyway."

Trampas: "I don't know, Toby, I just can't have you goin' around--"

Toby:  "I just gotta have a father, I just got to.  I told everybody in school I did. They said I was lyin', I swore I wasn't.  If Arnie and the other guys ever found out, they'd laugh me clear out of the school, so, please can't we just go on pretending?" . . Just for a little while, then I'll tell them, I promise."

Trampas:  . . . "All Right, but I'm going to hold you to it now."

(A FATHER FOR TOBY, teleplay by True Boardman, story by Tom Seller, 3.08 [068] / Directed by Alan Crossland, Jr.)




*Doug McClure and Roberta Shore in back of Anne Francis and James Drury 
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Betsy Garth: "Trampas, if you were in trouble with the law would you go to a woman lawyer?"

Trampas: "Why not, if she were pretty."

Betsy:  "No, I'm serious."

Trampas:  ". . . I think women would make good lawyers.   They're born devious."

Betsy:  "Women are devious?  Who was it that made a date with two girls for the same dance and then told them he was sick with quinsy and couldn't go?"

Trampas:  "That wasn't being devious.  That's what you call self preservation.  The thing is, if a woman can't win an argument any other way she can always cry.  Then she can't lose."

(ALL NICE AND LEGAL, by Jean Holloway, 3.11 [071] / Directed by Don McDougall)




Roberta Shore, Clu Gulager, Doug McClure, Randy Boone, James Drury, and Lee J. Cobb
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Mr. Corwin: "Are you sure this Trampas is reliable?"

Ryker: "Well, yeah, absolutely.   You haven't got a worry there."

Virginian: . . . "Anyone will tell you Trampas is as trustworthy as they come.  Take my word for it."

(A SLIGHT CASE OF CHARITY, teleplay by Howard Browne and True Boardman, Story by Howard Browne, 3.21 [081] / Directed by Dick Benedict)





*Doug McClure and Neville Brand
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Randy Benton:  "He sure is somethin', ain't he."

Belden:  "Yeah, he sure is.  You know, he reminds me of something that Old Abe, that's President Lincoln, was s'posed to have said about one of his generals.  He said it seemed like every time he saw this particular general he was either decorating him or bawling him out."

Randy:  "I wonder which it's gonna be this time."

Belden:  "Who knows!"

(WE'VE LOST A TRAIN, by Borden Chase, 3.30 [090] / Directed by Earl Bellamy)




*Doug McClure with Bing Russell and Ronda Fleming
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Carmelita Flannagan:   "What don't you believe, the 'Carmelita' or the 'Flannagan'? . . . I thought they sounded pretty nice together.  At least it's a name you don't forget easily."

Trampas: "I don't think you need a trick name to be remembered."

Carmelita: "That's better.  Now you're beginning to act human."

Trampas: "Oh, I'm human, all right."

(WE'VE LOST A TRAIN, by Borden Chase, 3.30 [090] / Directed by Earl Bellamy)




*William Smith, Neville Brand, and Doug McClure
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Trampas:   "Well, I didn't try to fill any inside straights or steal anybody's girl or see how much liquor I could drink."

(WE'VE LOST A TRAIN, by Borden Chase, 3.30 [090] / Directed by Earl Bellamy)





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Kitty Dolan:   "You were so darn smart.  Half the time I wanted to break something over your head, and the other half I wanted you to wear my scarf into battle."

Trampas:  "Scarf into battle?"

Kitty Dolan: "Didn't you know that's why I was always underfoot.  You were my Sir Lancelot come to life."

(DANGEROUS ROAD, by John and Ward Hawkins, 3.26 [086] / Directed by Maury Geraghty)




*Doug McClure and Marilyn Wayne
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Trampas: "I'm bettin' Coulter's foreman thinks he taught me a lesson.   He won't expect me to go back for more."

Kitty Dolan: "Trampas, are you sure it's worth it?  Nothing you can find out there can bring Dad back."

Trampas: "I can't let go now, Kitty.  I'd never get a good night's sleep if I walked away from it.  And I did enough walking today to last me for a life time."


(DANGEROUS ROAD, by John and Ward Hawkins, 3.26 [086] / Directed by Maury Geraghty)





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Trampas: "We can't let that old man leave like that. That dime was probably all he and the kid had. . . What do you think, we are short handed at the ranch."

Randy Benton:  . . . "I don't know, Trampas, he's a pretty old man."

Trampas:  "That's his problem, who'd want to hire an old man like that?. . .  Who needs that kind of responsibility?. . .  I'm gonna go hire him!"


(OLD COWBOY, by Gabrielle Upton, 3.28 [088] / Directed by William Witney)


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