a very human hero, part 2

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Doug McClure, Diane Roter, and Randy Boone
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Virginian: "Come on, break it up.  It was just a little too much for Miss Jennifer.  She thought you were trying to kill each other."

Trampas: "Well, it was just a little friendly dispute."

Virginian:  . . . "Ever since Betsy left we've been letting down on our manners, Boys. . . Just try to act human.   At least for a week or two till she gets used to us."

Trampas: "All right, all right.  Don't worry about a thing."


(JENNIFER, by Rita Lakin, 4.07 [097] / Directed by Don Richardson)




*Richard Beymer, Sherry Jackson, and Doug McClure
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Midge Conway:   "Well, Old Horse, you changed jobs after all. . . . You chose sides. . . . Trampas!  If you go back there you can cause me an awful lot of misery.  If I kill you I can walk all over the rest of them.  I'm sorry it had to end this way for us. . .  Like I always say, each man has his own way to go."


(SHOW ME A HERO,  teleplay by Frank Chase, story by Alvin Boretz, 4.09 [099] / Directed by Leon Benson)





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Judy King:   "I'm fond of you, Trampas.  Maybe I'm in love with you a little.   But it can't go any further than that."

Trampas: "Is that why you stopped seeing me?   Because you thought we were falling in love?"

Judy King:  "Yes, I guess so."

Trampas:  "Judy, you look at me and all you see is a dollar a day cowhand.  You think you know everything about me, what I can do, what I can be.  There's nothing I can't do.   Judy, look at me, good and hard."

(BLAZE OF GLORY, by John and Ward Hawkins, 4.15 [105] / Directed by Alexander Singer)




*Doug McClure and Clint Howard    
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[After their caretaker is killed, Trampas tries to help a young boy and his baby sister escape from their tyrant grandfather and be reunited with their mother in Laramie - ]

Manuel:   "If they ever see you again, they'll kill you."

Trampas:  "I know that.  I must be out of my mind."

Manuel:  "But if you get us there, you'll be well paid."

Trampas:  "Manuel, will you be quiet.  You wanna sit here gabbin' or you want to get on the way to Laramie?"

Manuel: "You're going to take us to Laramie?"

Trampas:  "Yes.   On one horse.  One horse?   I must be crazy!  I don't even know how to get you on.   . . .  Boy, if the hands at the ranch could just see me now."

(RIDE A COCK HORSE TO LARAMIE CROSS, by Clair Huffaker, 4.23 [113] / Directed by Tony Leader)




*Doug McClure and Clint Howard
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Trampas:   "I'll admit your diaper looks better than mine.  Thought you said you didn't know anything about babies."

Melinda:  "Oh, there's just some things that anybody knows--except those that are just plain stupid."

Trampas:  "I'm not stupid.  I'm ignorant.  There's a difference."


(RIDE A COCK HORSE TO LARAMIE CROSS, by Clair Huffaker, 4.23 [113] / Directed by Tony Leader)




*Susan Strasberg, Doug McClure, Charles Bickford
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Virginian:  "What happened to the rustlers?"

Trampas: "Old Man Grainger--uh, Mr. Grainger, uh, told the sheriff to send them back to the reservation."

Stacey Grainger: "Well, that was real kind of 'Old Man Grainger'."  [Stacey leaves]

Trampas:  "How come Grainger sent me into town with him and sent Stace back to the range?"

Virginian:  "Guess he's just trying not to show favoritism."

Trampas:  "He doesn't have to do that.  I never think of Stace as being the boss's grandson -- until I call him 'Old Man Grainger'."


(THE CAPTIVE, by Peter Packer, 5.03 [123] / Directed by Don Weis)




*Susan Strasberg and Doug McClure
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Liliota:  "Stay away from her!  Only I ride her!"

Trampas:  "I wasn't going to hurt her, I just wanted to see what she was like."


(THE CAPTIVE, by Peter Packer, 5.03 [123] / Directed by Don Weis)




*James Drury, Doug McClure, and Don Quine
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[Trampas had tried to teach a young man how to be a "cowboy" because a visiting young lady was infatuated with heroes from the West and had latched on to the Virginian.  Bob was attracted to her, and it seemed the way out for the Virginian was for the younger man to learn ranching skills.  After Trampas had properly schooled him, Bob looked like he was catching on.  Things went badly, however, when the girl saw Bob fall from his horse after he had roped a steer - ]

Elizabeth Grainger:   "Trampas, how could you let a thing like that happen to Bob?  Everything was going so well."

Trampas:  "Now wait a minute.  What did you expect me to do, tie him to the horse?. . . Well, you can be sure of one thing.  Whatever happens, I'll be blamed for it. . . I tried.  I tried!"

(DEADEYE DICK, by Joseph Hoffman, 5.09 [129] / Directed by Ida Lupino)




*Doug McClure and Mary-Robin Redd (my thanks to Glenda S. Law for the photo)
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Stacey Grainger:  "Here's your mail, Lover."

Trampas [smelling perfumed envelopes]:  "Thank you, Sir."

Stacey:   "Sure you're not advertising for a wife or something?"

Trampas:  "Some men don't have to advertise."

Stacey: "Apparently not."

Trampas:  "What do you mean, 'Or something'?"

(THE DEADLY PAST, by Phyllis and Robert White, 6.02 [151] / Directed by Abner Biberman)




*Doug McClure and Michael Burns
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John Grainger:   "Well, if it will make you feel any better, I'll keep an eye out for Trampas."

Virginian:   "Thanks, I'd appreciate that."

John Grainger: "Look. You said it to me--'any place, any time, Trampas can take care of himself'."

Virginian:  "I suppose so."


(THE CHALLENGE, teleplay by Joy Dexter and Harry Kronman, story by Joy Dexter, 5.06 [126] / Directed by Don McDougall)




*Doug McClure and Victor Jory
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[Trampas was falsely accused of murder and sentenced to hang - ]

Luke Nichols:   "A lot can happen in six days.  You got friends outside?  I mean real friends, not just poker playing and howdy-do friends."

Trampas:  "No, They're real friends."

Luke Nichols:   "Then you still got something left.  You know a man comes in here, they take his pride and his pocketbook and they put them in a box in the warden's office.   But if you've got friends outside, you've still got something left.  Maybe the most important thing, Boy."

(A BAD PLACE TO DIE, by Judith and Robert Guy Barrows, 6.09 [158] / Directed by Don McDougall)


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