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Trampas: "She's saving herself for some tall, good looking cowboy with hair the color of autumn wheat."

(FIFTY DAYS TO MOOSE JAW, by Maxwell Shane & Donald S. Stanford, 1.12 [012] / Directed by Maxwell Shane)





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Trampas:   "Boy, am I tuckered out."

Randy: "Guess you won't be going to the big dance tonight then."

Trampas:   "Sometimes you say the funniest things."

Randy:  "You just said you was tired."

Trampas: "Randy, when you get a little older and a lot brighter you'll learn to realize that nothing revives a tired man more than a couple of cold beers in his belly and a beautiful girl in is arms.   . . . Don't you leave without me.  And take care of old Buck for me."


[note:  Doug McClure rode at least four different buckskin colored horses during the series, and he called them all "Buck"]

(WE'VE LOST A TRAIN, by Borden Chase, 3.30 [090] / Directed by Earl Bellamy)





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Virginian:   "You're really letting him get under your skin, aren't you."

Trampas:  "Well, you're not making it any easier for me, making me work with him every day."

Virginian:   "Because he's actin' like a kid is no reason for me to treat you like one."

Trampas:   "You mean to tell me with all the hired hands you've got I'm the only one that can work with Frank?"

Virginian:  "I figure you're the BEST one to work with Frank."

(PAID IN FULL, by Richard Wendle, 6.10 [159] / Directed by Don McDougall)





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Just Doug McClure







Doug McClure, Diane Roter, and Randy Boone
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Johnny Bradford: "I'd be proud to take Miss Jennifer to the dance. . . I don't get it though.   Why didn't any of you want to take her?"

Trampas: "Well, it's not that we didn't want to."

Randy Benton:  "It'd be like taking Betsy."

Virginian: "He means she's family, Johnny."

Trampas:  "You take you sister or your cousin to a dance and what happens.  You dance.  You have yourself a good time tonight, you hear?"

Johnny Bradford:   "I will.  I'm not 'family'."

(JENNIFER, teleplay by Theodore Apstein and Rita Lakin, story by Rita Lakin, 4.07 [097] / Directed by Don Richardson)




*Sara Lane, Don Quine, Joan Collins, Rose Marie, Charles Bickford, and Doug McClure
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John Grainger:   "Miss Marshall has a problem.  Sam Harding quit this morning. . . She wants you to take over the job, for the time being anyway.  I've given her my permission.   If it's all right with you."

Lorna Marshall:  "I just didn't know who I could trust.  I really just need a little time to get organized."

(THE LADY FROM WICHITA, by True Boardman, 6.03 [152] / Directed by Don McDougall)




*Doug McClure, Rose Marie, and Joan Collins
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Lorna Marshall:   "Do you mean to say you knew who I was all along?"

Trampas:  "Carl and I were good friends, Lorna, he talked about you a lot."

Lorna:  "And you let me go on pretending to be a lady."

Trampas:  "You weren't pretending."


(THE LADY FROM WICHITA, by True Boardman, 6.03 [152] / Directed by Don McDougall)




*Doug McClure, Tim Matheson, and Michael Larrain
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Trampas:  "You clear that with Shiloh first. . . I'm not going to move that herd on that land, no."

Mr. Yost:  "You working for me or Shiloh?"

Trampas: "I'm here on loan."

Mr. Yost:  "The Virginian said you were to give me all the help I needed."

Trampas:  "Well, I'm not going to do that.  I quit."


(RICH MAN, POOR MAN, by Arthur Heinemann, 8.23 [224] / Directed by Tony Leader)




*Doug McClure and Brenda Scott
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Trampas:   "See?  As far as you can see.  Shiloh Ranch."

Claire Garson:  "You like working for the Graingers?"

Trampas:  "Yep.  They're good people.  And this is a good ranch.  What more could I want?"

Claire:  "I don't know.  People want different things."

Trampas:  "That's for sure.  Take you and Doc.  Workin' indoors, travelin' all over, I couldn't take that kind of life."

(THE GIRL IN THE SHADOWS, teleplay by Robert Van Scoyk and Phyllis & Robert White, story by Phyllis & Robert White, 7.24 [199] / Directed by James Sheldon)





*Doug McClure with Valora Noland
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Trampas:   "I guess I should have told you.  I come from a long line of stubborn men.  I just can't take 'no' for an answer.  Stubborn, but reasonable.  Now you explain to me, so I can understand, and I'll go away.  Now you said you wanted me to leave you alone.  Well, I might have let it go at that.  Then I got to thinking it over and I got it into my head it was for my sake you said it.   Why?"

(THE GIRL ON THE PINTO, teleplay by Seeleg Lester and Theodore Apstein, story by Theodore Apstein, 5.27 [147] / Directed by Don McDougall)





bestfriends.jpg (90085 bytes)

[The Virginian was angry with Trampas for joining in a fight to protect Denny, a young man who started the fight and had spent time with the Graingers when he was younger.  The brawl happened to involve some other cowboys who were also in a dispute with them over water rights.  The Virginian didn't want Trampas fighting because Mr. Grainger wanted to settle the rights legally.  Denny, who was very loyal and extremely hot tempered,  walked in on the Virginian's anger and wanted to protect his new friend Trampas from getting yelled at - ] 

Trampas:  "Denny, he's the foreman. . . Denny, look, thanks for trying to help, but Denny, no, not with him.   You see, he's my best friend, best friend I got.  And sometimes we just yell at each other.  You know.  Doesn't mean anything.  I yell at him, he yells at me."


(THE PRICE OF LOVE, by Dick Carr, 7.18 [193] / Directed by Michael Caffey)





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Mr. Halstead:  "Trampas, I got nothing against you.  You're a decent sort, I always liked you.  But I got to tell you, stay away from my daughter."

Trampas:  "Is that an order?"

Mr. Halstead:   "Yes it is, I don't want you to trifle with her."

Trampas:  "Trifle?   Mr. Halstead, I'm not 'trifling'."

Mr. Halstead:   "Then that's so much the worse. . . This ain't no place for her, and she don't figure to marry no cowhand."

Trampas:  "Mr. Halstead, I'm not thinking about getting married. . . . I'm telling you it's not that serious."

Mr. Halstead:   "And I'm telling you stay away from her, she's not for you.  Now I hope you can understand that."

(A TOUCH OF HANDS, by John Dunkel, 8.10 [211] / Directed by Tony Leader)




*Doug McClure, Belinda Montgomery, Billy Mize
hands2.jpg (77952 bytes)

Trampas: "You know her pa ordered me to stay away from her? "

Virginian:  "So you're riding up to Dove Canyon with her to pick out a nice piece of land."

Trampas:  "Well, what would you do?"

Virginian:  "Well, I might consider staying away from her. . . She's not a freckle-faced kid sitting on a corral fence making eyes at you anymore.  It's different now for both of you. . . A freckle-faced kid might have been good for you.  I'm not so sure about that girl from a finishing school back East.  What I'm trying to say is, just be careful."

(A TOUCH OF HANDS, by John Dunkel, 8.10 [211]  / Directed by Tony Leader)




*Doug McClure (back) with Mel Tormé
handyman.jpg (55615 bytes)

[Trampas thinks he has at one time run into the "little man" who saved his life and closely resembles a notorious gunfighter, so he has been making subtle statements or questions to try to get information of "Jim's" former whereabouts - ]

Trampas:  "Hey, you did real well out there today, Jim.  I bet you could be good at anything you put your mind to."

"Jim": "Well, I've done a few things."

Trampas:  "Yeah?   Like what?"


"Jim": "What did YOU do before you came to Shiloh?"

(THE HANDYMAN, by Mel Tormé, 6.24 [173] / Directed by Abner Biberman)




*Tim Matheson, Johnny Whitaker, Doug McClure
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Hoot:  "Trampas?  If I had a ranch, would you be my foreman?"

Trampas:  "Well, I don't know, Hoot.  I've got a pretty good job right here."

Hoot:  "I'm gonna need someone who knows as much about ranching as my pa, only he'll be too old by then so he'll have to take care of the books like Mr. Grainger."

Trampas: "Well, I'd like to be your foreman, Hoot.  I'd like that very much."

(THE RUNAWAY, by Gerald Sanford, 8.06 [207] / Directed by Tony Leader)


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