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*clockwise:  Wesley Lau, Doug McClure, Dick Shane, Harper Flaherty, Darwin Yosten, Don Pedro Colley
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Tussey:  "Anybody here know how to play poker?"

Dick Shane:  Matter of fact, I give lessons.

Trampas: "Now, that's what I like to hear.  Why, I got so I know personally every dollar bill in the house.  Over here, Boys."

(GENTLE TAMERS, teleplay by Don Tait, story by Abe Polsky & Gil Lasky, 6.19 [168] / Directed by Tony Leader)




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[Discussing the fact that Liz wants to enter her horse in the Founder's Day race but, since Trampas' horse had always won and he looked forward to the race each year, Liz didn't want to hurt his feelings by asking him to let her ride instead and didn't want anyone to mention her desire to him. Trampas feels she should have the chance if her horse beats his in a run-off and tells Mr. Grainger he'll go tell her that - ]

John Grainger:  "Trampas, I wouldn't want her to know that we discussed this."

Trampas:  "You're right.   Well, I guess I'll have to be sneaky about it.  I'm pretty good at that."

(BELOVED OUTLAW, by True Boardman, 5.11 [131] / Directed by William Witney)




*Doug McClure and Don Quine
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Virginian:   "Well, today's the big day.  I'll be glad when this race is over and we can get some work done around here."

Trampas: "Well, all right, so I took a minute or two or three or four to--"

Virginian: "Any regrets?. . . About getting her to race with you."

Trampas: "Now that you bring the subject up, no.  Not after I saw the look on her face when she won."

(BELOVED OUTLAW, by True Boardman, 5.11 [131] / Directed by William Witney)




*Doug McClure and Susan Clark
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Jim Kohler:   "John seems to think a great deal of Trampas."

Melanie Kohler: "He's different than any other man I've known.  He's warm and gentle, intelligent.   Just being with him -- I think I'm falling in love with him."

(MELANIE, by Stephen Lord, 5.22 [142] / Directed by Abner Biberman)




*Victor Jory, Susan Clark, and Doug McClure
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John Grainger:   "Trampas is a fine man.  He was cut from the same bolt that you were.  I'd be proud to call him my own son."

Jim Kohler:  "My daughter is dying, John, and I can't do anything about it . . . Now this Trampas thing. . ."

John Grainger:   "Whatever happens, Trampas won't hurt her."


(MELANIE, by Stephen Lord, 5.22 [142] / Directed by Abner Biberman)




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Bracken:  "We live in a sentimental age, my friend, and you're right in the middle of it.  I've been watching you.  You've gone to a lot of trouble for that worthless old man."




(FOX, HOUND, AND THE WIDOW McCLOUD, by Judith Barrows, 7.25 [200] / Directed by Don McDougall)




*James Drury and Doug McClure
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Trampas:   "Could be he's in some kind of trouble. . . I'd like to help if I can."

Virginian:  "He's not a hand."

Trampas:  "No, he's a boy, and not an easy one. . ."

Virginian: "Look, if he's not easy like you say, maybe he'll be more of a handful than a hand."

Trampas:  "Well, I'll watch out for him."

(SETH, by Reuben Bercovitch, 6.26 [175] / Directed by Joel Rogosin)




*David Hartman and Doug McClure
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Trampas: "He's going to the sheriff's office, Buchanan.  And if you want to stop him you're going to have to go through me."

Lorne Buchanan: "What, do you wash behind his ears, too?"

Trampas:  "No need to push me, Mister.  If you're planning on making a move, make it."

(DEATH WAIT, by Gerald Sanford, 7.15 [190] / Directed by Charles S. Dubin)




Sara Lane and Doug McClure
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Liz Grainger:   "Wish you were going back with me."

Trampas:  "Yeah, so do I, but I can't.  That new part we ordered for the hay baler hasn't come in yet, and the foreman wants me to inspect it personally before I lay out any Shiloh cash . . . Why don't you stay on here?"

Liz:   "No, I'll go on."

Trampas:  "You know, sometimes the company on these stage coaches is pretty rank.  Maybe you'd better stay here."

Liz:   "Stop treating me like a father hen.  I'm a big girl now."

Trampas:  "That's what bothers me."

(A VISION OF BLINDNESS," teleplay by Gerald Sanford and James Menzies, story by James Menzies, 7.04 [179] /Directed by Abner Biberman)




*Susan Howard, John Dehner, William Windom, and Doug McClure
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Cardine:  "Now . . . How Come?"

Trampas:  "Well, like I said to the señorita, you got a long ways to go, Cardine.  And I never quit a job that I haven't finished."

Cardine: "Connors still has eight months to go."

Trampas:  "Hmm, Yeah.  You see him over there?. . . Got the makings of a real fine foreman.  You give me a couple weeks with him and he'll be ready to take over the job.  Then I can sort 'a ease my way out of here.  With twenty five more hands coming in, who's gonna know that 'Tom Connors' ain't around.  Right?"

(HALF WAY BACK FROM HELL, teleplay by Alvin Sapinsley, story by James Duff McAdams and Alvin Sapinsley, 8.03 [204] / Directed by Michael Caffey)




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Jim Horn:   "Trampas?  The other night when I tried to pick that fight with you, I know what you done for me, and well, anyway, I appreciate it."

Trampas:  "Well, I used to be a pretty feisty yahoo myself.  So I know how it feels to be so hopping mad inside you want to take a swing at the whole cock-eyed world.  The last time I tried was about eight years ago in a saloon full of cavalry troopers.  It took about two fat eyes and a mouth full of knuckles to decide it wasn't too much fun when the world swung back."

(THE LONG RIDE HOME, by Richard Fielder, 8.01 [202] / Directed by Charles S. Dubin)




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Virginian:  "Where do you think you're going?"

Trampas:  "After Muirhead."

Virginian: "What about the herd?"

Trampas:  "What about it?"

Virginian:  "Look Trampas.  I want the man responsible just as much as you do.  You don't know how much.  But the drive comes first.  Somebody didn't want that herd to get to Cheyenne.  It's our job to see that it does."

Trampas:  "You can get along without me."

Virginian:  "No I can't."

Trampas:   "All right, but the minute this drive is over I'm goin' north to Montana."

(HOLOCAUST, teleplay by Robert Van Scoyk, story by James Duff McAdams, 8.17 [218] / Directed by Jeannot Szwarc)




Sara Lane and Doug McClure
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Mrs. Grainger (crying):   "It's no use.  We can't save her. There is no tunnel.  We're just going through the motions.  And I'm supposed to go in there and tell her to keep on hoping?  I can't.  Oh, I just can't!"

Trampas: "Mrs. Grainger, Mrs. Grainger.  Liz hasn't given up hope, and she won't.  She'll fight till she has nothing left to fight with, but she won't quit.  And neither can we.  We owe her the best that's in us no matter how long it takes.  We can't quit on her, and we can't give up hope."

Mrs. Grainger:   "Oh, of course we can't. . . Thank you."


(STORM OVER SHILOH, by Frank Chase, 7.23 [198] / Directed by Michael Caffey)





*Doug McClure, John McIntire, James Drury
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[Trampas found what appeared to be the escape tunnel into the mine where Elizabeth was trapped.  Mr. Grainger was going to go in, but Trampas wanted to - perhaps not only to protect Mr. Grainger from unknown danger but also to be the one who rescued Liz-]

John Grainger: "That's got to be the tunnel."

Trampas: "There's only one way to find out."

John Grainger: "Now wait a minute, Trampas.  You've both done enough already.  I'm not going to ask you to do anymore."

Trampas: "You're not asking me, Mr. Grainger.  Besides, I found it.  I'll be back as soon as I can."


(STORM OVER SHILOH, by Frank Chase, 7.23 [198] / Directed by Michael Caffey)



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