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Trampas:  "Oh, Saturday's a bad day to put a thing like that up. . . I was just thinking it's going to make a mighty inviting target to some cowhand with a belly full of whiskey."

Virginian:  "I wouldn't do it, Trampas."

Trampas: "I wasn't thinking of me."

Virginian:  "I was."

Trampas:  "You're still ramrodin', even in town. Don't you ever feel like bustin' loose sometimes?  I mean for no reason -- just because you're alive."

Virginian:  "Just don't bust loose on that clock."

(THE BIG DEAL, teleplay by Winston Miller, story by Richard Jessup, 1.04 [004] / Directed by Earl Bellamy)




*Doug McClure (left) with series regulars Gary Clarke, James Drury, Pippa Scott 
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[By cheating, Trampas wins all the coin tosses - ]

Steve Hill:  "How do you do it?"

Trampas:  "I think winnin', Boy, I think it."

(THE EXECUTIONERS, by Morton Fine and David Friedkin, 1.01 [001] / Directed by David Friedkin)





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  Arthur  Lilley:   "This is not a public house?"

Judge Garth:   "This is not.  It is, or was until you came in, a very private one."

Arthur Lilley:  "Sarah, I feel we are the victims of a practical joke."

Judge Garth:   . . . "Just, just a minute.  Who sent you?"

Sarah Lilley:  "One of the hooligans in town."

Arthur Lilley:   "A deputy sheriff, judging from his badge.  I believe he was called Trampas?"

Judge Garth:   "Oh."

(THE BRAZEN BELL, by Roland Kibbee, 1.05 [005] / Directed by James Sheldon)





*Doug McClure and Carol Byron
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Trampas:  "My Pa always said, 'Live fast, die laughing,' that's the way to do it."



(RIDE A DARK TRAIL, teleplay by E.M. Parsons, story by Arthur Browne, Jr., 2.01 [031] / Directed by John Peyser)




*Nancy Sinatra and Doug McClure
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Kyle Lawson (to Trampas regarding the Virginian): "He still workin' you to death?"

Trampas: "Tell him about it."

Virginian:  "The only way he'll ever die from overwork is running away from it."

Trampas: "That an absolute true statement."

(IF YOU HAVE TEARS, teleplay by Frank Fenton and Frank Chase, story by Thomas Fitzroy and Howard Browne, 1.20 [020] / Directed by Richard L. Bare)




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Flake:  "I'm empty.  Either you're the luckiest kid I've ever seen or the slickest cheat - dice, poker, checkers."

Trampas:  "Just got a 'pure heart' and 'lily white soul', that's all.  Tell you what, give you a chance to win the whole thing back. . . dead even gamble. . . .  One pebble, two hands. . . the pebble's got to be in one hand or the other.  You can't accuse me of riggin' this deck." . . .

Flake: "Don't pull none of your medicine show tricks on me.  I said this hand . . .

Trampas:  "Told ya.  Born lucky - lucky and handsome. And today I'm gonna be free."

(RIDE A DARK TRAIL, teleplay by E.M. Parsons, story by Arthur Browne, Jr., 2.01 [031] / Directed by John Peyser)





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Trampas: "Pa, you don't know the first thing about cattle."

Frank Trampas:  "I can learn, so can you.  Get something in your head besides running up a deck or cutting a cold hand off the bottom."

Trampas:  "You taught me, Pa."

Frank Trampas: "And where did it get you, my teaching - jail and almost prison.  You know what Judge Drucker said?   I've got to be gainfully employed, that means work, or you still can go behind them gray walls."

(RIDE A DARK TRAIL, teleplay by E.M. Parsons, story by Arthur Browne, Jr., 2.01 [031] / Directed by John Peyser)





youngtie2.jpg (70298 bytes)

Sheriff Abbott:   "Say, got a little problem, Judge.  About the ruckus damage Trampas did here at Jake's place.  He missed payin' this month."

Judge Garth: "Hmm.   (he takes money from his pocket and hands it to Abbott)  Well, he bought himself a new shirt.  I'll take this out of his wages."

Sheriff Abbott: "Thanks, Judge.  This should quiet Jake a bit."

(A TIME REMEMBERED, by Peter Germano. 2.12 [042] / Directed by William Witney)





teeth1.jpg (56054 bytes)

Duke Logan:   "I don't know what you're up to, but we don't want your kind in our town."

Trampas: "My kind?   What's that?"

Duke Logan: "What you were when you left here.  A card cheat, a shiftless, no good to anybody.  You and your pa."

Trampas:  "If my pa and me wanted to cheat, you would have never known about it."

(SIEGE, by Don Mullally, 2.13 [043] / Directed by Don McDougall)





*Doug McClure and Pippa Scott
shiner2.jpg (64287 bytes)

Trampas:   "I'm riled.  You know why I'm riled?  You held that knife to me.   Fact that I ain't done nothing about it, that riles me."

Kevin Doyle:  "If you're thinkin' of hitting me or something stupid like that, don't you do it." 

Trampas:  "Well, I'm riled."

Kevin Doyle:  "Oh, I ain't afraid of you if that's what you're thinking.  . . . I don't want to fight with you because I could lick you too easy."

(THE MAN FROM THE SEA, by Morton Fine and David Friedkin, 1.14 [014] / Directed by Herschel Daugherty)





dice3a.jpg (16503 bytes)

Deputy:  "Hey, isn't your name Trampas?"

Trampas: "That's right."

Deputy:  "The Sheriff was talking about you just the other night. He hasn't forgot the last time you were here."

Trampas:  "That was a long time ago, friend."

Deputy:  "This time, if you bring your own dice into any saloon, check them at the door as you go in."

Trampas:  "I'll do that."

(A BRIDE FOR LARS, by True Boardman, 2.28 [058] / Directed by Earl Bellamy)





*Ann Gardner and Doug McClure
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Uncle Josh:  "Don't throw that money away tonight.  You hang on to it, buy yourself a ranch back up in Wyoming, make something of yourself."

Trampas:  "It isn't in the cards, Josh -- not for a man with the name of Trampas. Isn't that right?"

Uncle Josh:  "Now let me tell you something, Boy.  Your Pa was my own brother so I know what I'm talking about.  With all respect to the dead he turned out no good just like me.   Now there's nothing says you got to end up like your Pa and I."

(MAN OF VIOLENCE, by John d.f. Black based on a screenplay by James Patrick, 2.14 [044] / Directed by William Witney)





hate.jpg (59729 bytes)

(Trampas wants to hunt down and kill the man who murdered his uncle Josh.  The man's wife wantsTrampas to give her husband a chance because she believes he's innocent)

Doc Belden: "You see, you want revenge, but it's hate that makes you want to kill her husband, and that hate will destroy you,too.  . . . Trampas, I've got my own private hades of hate.  You don't want that.  . . . All right, I tried.  Welcome to hades, friend Trampas.  I guess it's big enough for two."

(MAN OF VIOLENCE, by John d.f. Black based on a screenplay by James Patrick, 2.14 [044] / Directed by William Witney)




*Doug McClure with Don Galloway
finalhourlobby.jpg (72612 bytes)

Jack Henderson:   "Listen, that boy's a regular maverick.  Let him loose where there's a pretty woman and you can't even corral him.  Well, I remember when --"

Polcia:   "Yes?"

Jack Henderson:   "Come to think of it, I can't remember."

(THE FINAL HOUR, teleplay by Harry Kleiner, story by Ward Hawkins and Bernard Girard, 1.30 [030] / Directed by Robert Douglas)




James Drury, Doug McClure, and Gary Clarke
boys3.jpg (64058 bytes)

Trampas: "High man?"

Steve Hill: "High man -- Not your deck."

Trampas: "Steve, you act as if you can't trust me."

Steve:  "I don't know where you ever got that idea, Trampas."

(A BRIDE FOR LARS, by True Boardman, 2.28 [058] / Directed by Earl Bellamy)




*Gary Clarke, James Drury, and Doug McClure
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Trampas:  "Now I think I figure I'm glad I didn't get to stay for the big doing."

Steve Hill:  "Suppose you figure that out for me."

Trampas:   "Probably get throwed at the rodeo.  Probably drink too much at the dance.  Probably get in a fight after.  Might even get throwed in jail."

Steve:  "Yeah, you're right."

Virginian:  "All that fun ain't good for a man, is it."

Trampas:   "No."

(THE SMALL PARADE, teleplay by John and Ward Hawkins, story by Bernard Girard, 1.21 [021] / Directed by Paul Nickell)




orders.jpg (51188 bytes)

Virginian:  "He wants to be a hero in a uniform, so he had to go join up!  He's a fool!   He's about as much cut out to be a soldier as -- If you want to be a soldier you have to learn to take orders.  Can you imagine Trampas taking orders from anybody?  I mean ANYBODY!"

(RIFF-RAFF, by Jon Booth, 1.07 [007] / Directed by Bernard Girard)



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