start of a man's life

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Judge Garth:   "You in trouble, Boy?"

Trampas:  "I was born in trouble.  It goes with the name."

Judge Garth:   "Which is?"

Trampas:   "Trampas."




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Trampas: "I'll find him."

Judge Garth: "And then the trouble starts."

Trampas:  "No trouble, I'm just going to kill him."

Judge Garth:  "Hate or anger or desire for revenge--that can carry a man just so far.  When it's over all you've got is a handful of weeds."






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Virginian:   "Looking for work, cowboy?"

Trampas:  "Friend, did I do anything to make you mad at me?"

Virginian:  "Mister, I don't even know you."

Trampas:  "Then how come you want to cuss as me, using words like 'work' and all that?"

Virginian:  "I take it you're not looking for a job."

Trampas:  "You take it true, friend.  Suckers and mules -- that what work's for, and mule's got enough sense to turn his tail on it."




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Judge Garth: "How's he doing?"

Virginian:  "Trampas?  He's no hand, that's for sure.  Can't tell if he ever will be.  He's got a big itch.  Seems to want the world to scratch it for him."





*Doug McClure and Carol Byron
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Trampas:  "Well, look who's here.  Old 'Good Body' himself.  Ain't you got nothin' better to do than go spyin' on me?  Alright, alright, so I took off.  A man's got a right to have a little fun.  Well, don't just stand there, fire me or something."

Virginian:  "I just sent the doctor out for Faraway."

Trampas:  "Faraway, what's he need a doctor for?"

Virginian:  "The fire went out, and the wolves got to him.   Now you get your things, and you get off Shiloh.  And don't you EVER come back!"





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Virginian: "I saved you the trouble of firing him.  Look, I can't keep anywhere near a happy crew with him around.   He's a liar and a cheat, and this business with Faraway--it don't set too well with anyone."

Judge Garth:   "Give him a horse.  Get him off the ranch."

Virginian:   "Judge, he's got no complaints.  You've already given him much more than he deserves.  All right."




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Trampas:   "Faraway, I never meant him no harm."

Judge Garth:  "No, you forgot about him--forgot about everybody but yourself.  Well, you go on, turn your back on people.  Use them, chew 'em up and spit 'em out when you're through with them."

Trampas:  "Look, I did wrong.  I know it, I really know it.  Let me stay here and pay back the money I owe you."

Judge Garth:   "Forget about the money."

Trampas:  "Well, let me go on the hunt.  At least let me do that."

Judge Garth:   "You've done enough.  Take your hate and ride with it.  There's no room for it here."




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Faraway MacPhail:   "You gotta stop him, Judge.  If he goes after those wolves alone he'll get himself killed."

Judge Garth:   "Settle down, Faraway, you'll pull something loose."

Virginian:   "Judge, Trampas just took off on Steve's mare headed for the hills."

Judge Garth: "Tell the men to get ready to ride.  We'll go after him."




Gary Clarke, James Drury, Doug McClure, Lee J. Cobb, and Roberta Shore
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Trampas:  "That day on the river bank -- why didn't you tell me then, when I had a gun?"

Judge Garth:   "Take the easy way out, that's the way you like it, isn't it?!"

Trampas:  "You killed my father."

Judge Garth: "Yes, he's dead, and this is your chance to get out of it cheap like always.  You could stay here and work and sweat like everybody, but no, that wouldn't be easy.  We'd have to see each other knowing what's between us.   Well, go on and shoot!  Maybe that's the easy way for both of us."




Lee J. Cobb, James Drury, and Doug McClure
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Virginian:  . . . "It was the start of a man's life."



*All the quotations on this page were taken from episode 2.01 [031] RIDE A DARK TRAIL, teleplay by E.M. Parsons, story by Arthur Browne Jr. / Directed by John Peyser  Synopsis of this episode



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