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Judge Garth:  "Those people are coming into a country that's totally strange to them. . . I want you to stay with them, help get them settled."

Trampas:  "But, why me, to nurse maid a bunch of gophers."

Judge Garth:   "Well, Frankly the Virginian was my first choice, but I couldn't spare him, and since I won't be leaving Shiloh--"

Trampas:  "You mean you're not going on the round up either?  . . . You must expect trouble.   You think the other ranchers are going to start something?"

Judge Garth: "I don't think so, but maybe your being with them will help smooth the way.  Oh, I know it's a big responsibility, but you can handle it."

Trampas:   "Thanks."




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Antek Wolski: "You belong with those people . . . To them you are a traitor, and for a traitor there is more hate than for anyone."

Trampas:  "That's one way to look at it."

Antek Wolski:   "Then you will leave us."

Trampas:  "No, I can't help what they think.  That's their lookout.  Mine's to do my job."

Antek Wolski:   "Each man has his own idea what his job is."

Trampas:  "I know mine.  Judge Garth told me to stay here until you were settled.  Nobody can while there's still trouble.  I'll only leave when it's done."





Ulla Jacobsson and Doug McClure
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Polcia: "What have I done to make you angry with me? . . . Whenever I come near you, you make certain to leave.  You keep avoiding me."

Trampas:  "You better go."

Polcia:  "Not until I know why you are angry with me."

Trampas:  "I don't want to cause trouble, and I know how Jan feels about you."

Polcia:  "Are you afraid of him?"

Trampas:  "You're spoken for. . . All it needs is a preacher, and you're his wife."

Polcia:  "But I never tell Jan I would marry him."

Trampas:  . . . "Still, when a man feels you belong to him - "






Ulla Jacobsson and Doug McClure
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Polcia:   "I knew, I knew almost from the beginning."

Trampas: "That's the way it was for me.  First day I saw you at the station then wanting afterwards to be with you, just to be with you.  That night I kissed you for the first time and made you leave it was like tearing me apart."

Polcia: "That's how I felt."

Trampas:  "First time in my life, I don't understand myself.  I've never been more confused.  I only know I feel empty when I'm not with you.  I've never felt that way about anyone."

Polcia:  "Is it so hard to say 'I love you'?

Trampas:  "Only when you mean it.  I love you."




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Judge Garth:   "Where are you going?"

Trampas:  "As I said, Judge, my job's far from done."

Judge Garth:  "To take on Milo and the whole bunch?"

Trampas:  "The sheriff won't stop 'em."

Judge Garth:  "He can't!   Not until they make the first move."

Trampas:  "By then it will be too late. . . You can't hold me, Judge!   Not even if it means my job."

Judge Garth:  "To protect Jan Wolski?  Or is there another reason?"

Trampas:  "Both I guess."




Doug McClure and Ulla Jacobsson
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Judge Garth:  "We'd better be getting back to the ranch.  I'll ride with you.  I know.  When you lose someone it's as if--Might be some help to you if you try to understand that in a way what happened, that her death has brought a measure of peace to this valley.  Oh, I know it'll be some time before either side knows or understands the other, but that'll come because of this tragedy.  Try to understand that."


*All the photos and quotations on this page were taken from episode 1.30 [030] THE FINAL HOUR, teleplay by Harry Kleiner, story by Ward Hawkins and Bernard Girard / Directed by Robert Douglas.  Synopsis of this episode


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