In Appreciation to the Cast and Production Staff of THE VIRGINIAN


Back in the early 1980's replays of episodes of  THE VIRGINIAN were aired each week night for a year on one of my local television stations. Watching the character transformation occur in Trampas had a profound effect on my own life.  So, although some of these people are no longer around to lend their talents to motion picture and telefilm productions,  I would like to express my appreciation to the following members of the Entertainment Industry for their part in providing the positive influence I received from this Western series: 

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Doug McClure, who brought Trampas "to life" by his expressive acting, athleticism, and horsemanship. 


                Executive Producers and Producers

Frank Price

Joel Rogosin

Charles Marquis Warren

Roy Huggins

Richard Irving

Don Ingalls

Arthur H. Nadel

Warren Duff

Leon Benson

Cy Chermak

Douglas Heyes

Paul Freeman

Howard Christie

Robert Van Scoyk

John Choy

David Levinson

James Duff McAdams

Jules Schermer

Frank Telford

Winston Miller

and Norman Macdonnell

for originating and developing THE VIRGINIAN


                Story and Teleplay Writers

E.M. Parsons and Arthur Browne, Jr. (Ride a Dark Trail)

Gabrielle Upton  (Old Cowboy and Sue Ann)

Shirl Hendryx (The Claim)

John d.f. Black (Man of Violence)

Irwin Blacker and Douglas Heyes (West)  

Judith Barrows (A Bad Place to Die and Fox, Hound, and the Widow McCloud)

Al C. Ward (A Matter of Destiny and Say Goodbye to All That)

Ward Hawkins (The Final Hour, The Small Parade, Blaze of Glory, and Dangerous Road

Bernard Girard (The Final Hour, The Small Parade, and Impasse)

Harry Kleiner (The Final Hour and The Man Who Couldn't Die)

Frank Fenton (Echo Of Another Day, Ryker, You Take the High Road, and If You Have Tears)

True Boardman (A Father for Toby, A Bride For Lars, A Slight Case of Charity, Beloved Outlaw, Dark Challenge, With Help from Ulysses, The Lady From Wichita, Sue Ann, Lost Yesterday, and Hannah)

Robert Guy Barrows (A Bad Place to Die

Borden Chase (Smile of a Dragon and We've Lost a Train)

Don Ingalls (Smile of a Dragon, An Echo of Thunder, Eileen, The Ordeal, and Wind of Outrage)

Cy Chermak (Smile of a Dragon and  A Welcoming Town)  

Harry Kronman (It Takes a Big Man and The Challenge)

Sy Salkowitz (To Bear Witness, Trail to Ashley Mountain, and A Welcoming Town)

Donn Mullally (The Invaders, Siege, Impasse, and The Money Cage)

Charles Larson (Big Day, Great Day)

Halstead Welles (Men With Guns)

Stephen Lord (Melanie and The Heritage)

Robert Van Scoyk (Holocaust, The Gift, Crime Waves in Buffalo SpringsThe Saddle Warmer, The Girl in the Shadows, The Power Seekers, and The Land Dreamer)

John Hawkins (The Small Parade, Dangerous Road, and Blaze of Glory)

James Duff McAdams (Holocaust and Nobility of Kings)

Joseph Hoffman (Dark Challenge, Image of an Outlaw, and Deadeye Dick)

Alvin Boretz (Show Me a Hero)

Joel Rogosin (Melanie, Incident at Diablo Crossing, The Long Way Home, and Sue Ann)

Don Brinkley  (Two Men Named Laredo)

Don Tait  (Two Men Named Laredo and Gentle Tamers)

Abe Polsky and Gil Lasky  (Gentle Tamers)

Joy Dexter (The Challenge and Big Tiny)

Winston Miller (The Accomplice and The Big Deal)

Bob and Wanda Duncan (A Killer in Town)

Jon Booth (Riff-Raff)

Martha Wilkerson (Beyond the Border)

Howard Browne (A Slight Case of Charity, The Accomplice, If You Have Tears, and A Distant Fury),

William P. McGivern (The Accomplice)

Tom Seller (A Father for Toby)

William Faye (Brother Thaddeus)

Norman Katkov (Big Tiny and The Masquerade)

Merwin Gerard (The Ordeal)

Richard Jessup (The Big Deal)

Margaret and Andrew Blanc (Incident at Diablo Crossing)

Douglas Morrow (Stacey)

Mel Harrold (The Thirty Days of Gavin Heath)

Roland Kibbee (The Brazen Bell)

Jerry Ludwig and Robert Presnell, Jr. (The Crooked Path)

Ben Masselink (A Love to Remember)

Burt Kennedy (The Woman From White Wing)

Dick Nelson (The Brothers)

Richard Fielder (Nobility of Kings)

Samuel Fuller (It Tolls for Thee)

Dan Ullman (You Take the High Road)

Jameson Brewer (The Money Cage)

Robert Crean (The Awakening)

A.I. Bezzerides (The Dream of Stavros Karas)

Jean Holloway (All Nice and Legal)

Richard Fielder (The Long Ride Home and The Horse Fighter)

Herb Meadow (Nobody Said Hello and Black Jade)

Carey Wilber and Louis Vittes (The Stallion)

Morton Fine and David Friedkin (The Man From the Sea and The Executioners)

John Francis O'Mara (If You Have Tears and The Man Who Couldn't Die)

Thomas Fitzroy (If You Have Tears and The Golden Door)

Maxwell Shane (Fifty Days to Moose Jaw and The Golden Door)

Robert Earll (No War for the Warrior)

Donald S. Sanford (Fifty Days to Moose Jaw

Robert Sabaroff and Arthur Nadel (No Drums, No Trumpets)

Peter Packer (The Captive)

Phyllis and Robert White (The Deadly Past and The Girl in the Shadows)

Andy Lewis (Bitter Autumn and The Long Way Home)

David Lewis (Bitter Autumn

Ken Finley (The Long Way Home)

Richard Wendley (Paid in Full)

Reuben Bercovitch (Seth)

Arthur Heinemann (Rich Man, Poor Man; Jed, and The Family Man)  

David Levinson (Execution at Triste and Last Grave at Socorro Creek)

Stanford Whitmore and Nathaniel Tanchuck  (Last Grave at Socorro Creek)

Richard (Dick) Carr (The Price of Love and The Decision)

Edward J. Lakso (A Flash of Darkness)

Gerald Sanford (The Substitute, Death Wait, A Vision of Blindness, and The Runaway)

James Menzies (The Death Wagon and A Vision of Blindness)

Theodore Apstein and Seeleg Lester (The Girl on the Pinto)

Alvin Sapinsley (The Storm Gate, No War for the Warrior, and The Wind of Outrage)

Jerry McNeely (The Storm Gate

John Dunkel (A Touch of Hands and Execution at Triste)

Barbara Merlin and Leonard Praskins (The Hell Wind)

Clair Huffaker (Ride A Cock Horse to Laramie Cross and The Hero)

Frank Chase (Storm Over Shiloh, Show Me a Hero, and If You Have Tears)

Lois Hire  (You Can Lead a Horse to Water)

and Mel Tormé (The Handy Man)

for creatively envisioning and penning the events and associations which were factors in altering Trampas' character for the better.




John Peyser (Ride a Dark Trail)

William Witney (Man of Violence, Old Cowboy, Say Goodbye to All That, Beloved Outlaw, and Incident at Diablo Crossing)

Bernard Kowalski (The Claim)

Robert Douglas (The Final Hour)

Abner Biberman (To Bear Witness, The Handy Man, Melanie, An Echo of Thunder, Trail to Ashley Mountain, The Deadly Past, The Long Way Home, The Crooked Path, A Welcoming Town, A Vision of Blindness, and Jed)

Douglas Heyes (West)

Maury Geraghty (A Matter of DestinyDangerous Road, The Accomplice, and Impasse)

Harmon Jones (Big Day, Great Day)

Bernard McEveety, Jr. (The Invaders, It Takes a Big Man, and The Stallion

William Hale (Two Men Named Laredo)

William Graham (Echo Of  Another Day)

Andrew V. McLaglen (Smile of a Dragon)

John English (A Killer In Town, Brother Thaddeus, and A Distant Fury)

Earl Bellamy (A Bride for Lars, We've Lost a Train, and The Big Deal)

James Sheldon (Big Tiny, The Girl in the Shadows, The Land Dreamer, and The Wind of Outrage)

Alan Crossland, Jr. (A Father For Toby and The Money Cage)

Jeannot Szwarc (Holocaust)

Paul Stanley  (Nobility of Kings)

Bernard Girard (Riff-Raff)

Paul Nickell (The Small Parade)

Richard Bare (The Hero and If You Have Tears)

Robert L. Friend (Execution At Triste)

Leo Penn (Stacey, Last Grave at Socorro Creek, and The Heritage)

Don Richardson (Ryker)

John Florea (The Thirty Days of Gavin Heath and You Take the High Road)

Don Weis (The Captive)

Maxwell Shane (Fifty Days to Moose Jaw)

Alf Kjellin (Nobody Said Hello)

David Friedkin (The Executioners and The Man Who Couldn't Die)

Burt Kennedy (The Woman From White Wing)

John Brahm (The Golden Door

Samuel Fuller (It Tolls for Thee)

Ida Lupino (Deadeye Dick)

Gerald Mayer (Sue Ann)

Herschel Daugherty (The Man From the Sea)

Joel Rogosin (Seth)

Seymour Robbie (The Gift)

Joseph Pevney (A Flash of Darkness, A Love to Remember, The Family Man, and Black Jade

Charles S. Dubin (The Saddle Warmer, Crime Waves In Buffalo Springs, Death Wait, and The Long Ride Home)

Alexander Singer (Blaze of Glory)

Richard Benedict (A Slight Case of Charity and The Dream of Stavros Karas)

Darrell Hallenbeck (The Death Wagon and The Decision)

Richard A. Colla (The Storm Gate)

Leon Benson (Men With Guns, Show Me a Hero, and The Awakening)

Michael Caffey (Storm Over ShilohThe Price of Love, Halfway Back From Hell, and The Ordeal)

James Neilson (You Can Lead a Horse to Water)

Tony Leader (Ride a Cock Horse to Laramie Cross, A Touch of HandsThe Substitute; Rich Man, Poor Man; Eileen, Gentle Tamers, The Brothers, The Mark of a Man, and The Horse Fighter)

and Don McDougall (A Bad Place to Die; Fox, Hound, and the Widow McCloud;   The Hell Wind, The Challenge, Dark Challenge, The Girl on the Pinto, Siege, All Nice and Legal, Paid In Full, Beyond The Border, With Help From Ulysses, The Lady From Wichita, Image of an Outlaw, Bitter Autumn, Hide Out, No War for the Warrior, Lost Yesterday, and The Masquerade)

for "putting it all together" and bringing out the best in Mr. McClure's talents.



                Musical Scorers

Bernard Herrmann (Show Me a Hero, Last Grave at Socorro Creek, and Nobility of Kings)

Sidney Fine (A Killer in Town, The Hero, Beyond the Border, The Captive, The Deadly Past, Dark Challenge, Ryker, Day of the Scorpion, Ring of Silence, The Brothers, and Deadeye Dick)

David Buttolph (It Takes a Big Man and Brother Thaddeus)

Richard Shores (Say Goodbye to All That and The Invaders)

Nathan Scott (Say Goodbye to All That)

Stanley Wilson [who was also the series Musical Supervisor] (Incident at Diablo Crossing and many other episodes scored without credit, including The Awakening)

Percy Faith (VIRGINIAN theme, The Executioners, and Throw a Long Rope)

Russ Garcia (A Little Learning)

Hans J. Salter (Jennifer)

Morton Stevens and Pete Rugolo (If You Have Tears)

Oliver Nelson (No War for the Warrior)

Lyn Murray (Crime Waves in Buffalo Springs)

Leonard Rosenman ( A Love to Remember, The Orchard, A Flash of Darkness, and The Price of Love)

Fred Steiner (The Runaway)

Ralph Ferraro (The Power Seekers, Bitter Autumn, The Heritage, and The Wind of Outrage)

Jack Marshall (Image of an Outlaw)

Pat Williams  (The Saddle Warmer)

Dave Grusin (The Masquerade)

Robert Prince (A Vision of Blindness)

Nathan Van Cleave (All Nice and Legal)

Lennie Hayton (Ride a Dark Trail)

Franz Waxman (An Echo of Thunder)

Frank DeVol (Big Tiny)

Torrie Zito (A Touch of Hands)

David Shire (You Can Lead a Horse to Water, Halfway Back From Hell, The Long Ride Home, and The Family Man)

and Leo Shuken and Jack Hayes (Beloved Outlaw, The Claim, The Challenge, Legacy of Hate, and The Stallion)

for setting the mood with their music.



                Guest Stars

Victor Jory (A Bad Place to Die; Fox, Hound, and the Widow McCloud; Melanie, and Dark Challenge)

William Shatner (The Claim and Black Jade)

Franchot Tone and Billy Mumy (Old Cowboy)

Strother Martin (You Can Lead a Horse to Water and The Claim)

Sonny Tufts and Carol Byron (Ride a Dark Trail)

Steve Cochran, Richard Reeves, James Brown, Claude Akins, Allen Case, and William Gordon (West)

Richard Jaeckel, Peter Graves, and Jean Hale (A Matter of Destiny)

Bradford Dillman, Edward Asner, Grace Lee Whitney, Frank Watkins, Joe Moross, and Francis J. McDonald (Echo Of  Another Day)

Ulla Jacobsson, Jacques Aubuchon, Bert Freed, Dean Fredericks, Sheldon Allman, Whit Bissell, Richard Garland, Peter Mamakos, Ted Knight, and Anthony Jochim (The Final Hour)

Fabian Forte (Say Goodbye to All That and Two Men Named Laredo)

Miyoshi Umeki, Richard Carlson, Phyllis Coates, Kam Tong, Hank Patterson, and Stephen Price (Smile of a Dragon)

Brenda Scott (Men With Guns, The Girl in the Shadows, and Jed)

Telly Savalas and Douglas Kennedy (Men With Guns)

Chris Robinson (It Takes a Big Man, The Saddle Warmer, and Dark Challenge)

Katherine Crawford (A Bride for Lars and Say Goodbye to All That)

Katharine Ross, Larry Pennell, and Michael Bregan (Dark Challenge)

Susan Clark (Melanie)

Barbara Anderson and Dan Duryea (The Challenge)

Michael Burns (The Challenge, Seth, and The Long Way Home)

Kurt Russell and Rory Calhoun (A Father for Toby)

Joanna Moore (A Father for Toby and The Money Cage)

Marilyn Wayne, Ben Johnson, Tom Reese, Frank Gerstle, and Simon Oakland (Dangerous Road)

Tom Simcox (Dangerous Road and The Handy Man)

Robert F. Simon (Men With Guns and The Storm Gate)

Richard Beymer (Show Me a Hero and You Take the High Road)

Lee Patterson, Douglas V. Fowley, and Sherry Jackson   (Show Me a Hero)

Steve Forrest (The Hero and The Money Cage)

Kathryn Hays, Harry Harvey, Jr., Jerome Courtland, and Warren Oates (A Slight Case of Charity)

Leif Erickson and Joan Freeman (Blaze of Glory)

Carolyn Kearney, Aldo Ray, Rosemary Murphy, Dennis Patrick, and Michael Shaughnessy  (Big Day, Great Day)

David Wayne, Barbara Barrie, Tané McClure (Doug McClure's Daughter), Curtis Haymore, Greger Vigen, John Banner, Shari Lee Bernath, Rory O'Brien, Joey Russo, and Daniel Kulick (The Small Parade)

Tim McIntire (The Death Wagon and Sue Ann)

John Milford, Myron Healey, Med Flory, and Henry Beckman (A Bad Place to Die)

Bette Davis (The Accomplice)

Broderick Crawford (A Killer in Town)

Charles McGraw and Meg Wyllie (Say Goodbye to All That)

Jean Inness ( Fox, Hound, and the Widow McCloud and The Deadly Past)

Troy Donahue (Fox, Hound, and the Widow McCloud)

Neville Brand, Peter Brown, Ida Lupino, and Rhonda Fleming (We've Lost a Train)

Johnny Whitaker (The Runaway)

Ryan O'Neal (It Takes a Big Man)

Lloyd Nolan (It Takes a Big Man and The Masquerade)

William (Bill) Smith (We've Lost a Train and A Killer in Town)

Woodrow Parfrey (The Hell Wind and The Accomplice)

Anne Helm (Ryker)

Hugh Marlow and Martin Milner (Trail to Ashley Mountain)

Kenneth Tobey (The Decision and Rich Man, Poor Man)

Ricardo Montalban (The Big Deal and The Wind of Outrage)

Monica Lewis (The Decision and Lost Yesterday)

Darren McGavin, Mary-Robin Redd, and Eve McVeagh (The Deadly Past)

Linden Chiles (An Echo of Thunder and The Deadly Past

Denise Alexander, Eddie Albert, Robert Colbert, and Quinn Redeker (Impasse)

James McMullan (Impasse and The Invaders)

Ray Danton, Don Durant, and Judson Pratt (Riff-Raff)

Karl Swenson (Riff-Raff and Blaze of Glory)

Steve Carlson (Nobody Said Hello, Trail to Ashley Mountain, The Decision, and Incident at Diablo Crossing)

Eileen Wesson, Barbara Rhoades, Jill Donohue, Hugh Beaumont, June Vincent, J. Pat O'Malley, and Shaggy (With Help From Ulysses)

Craig Hundley, Virginia Gregg, and Richard X. Slattery (Bitter Autumn)

John Anderson (Bitter Autumn, Throw a Long Rope, An Echo of Thunder, and Day of the Scorpion)

Ben Murphy (The Orchard and The Decision)

Diane Baker, Kitty Malone, and George Murdock (A Love to Remember)

Nancy Sinatra and Britt Lamond (If You Have Tears)

Leonard Nimoy (Show Me a Hero and Man of Violence)

Virginian Grey (Nobody Said Hello)

Lois Nettleton (The Wind of Outrage)

Glenn Corbett (The Awakening)

Yvonne de Carlo (Crime Waves in Buffalo Springs and A Time Remembered)

Karl Boehm and Ilze Taurins (The Golden Door)

Don Galloway (The Final Hour  and The Challenge)

Buck Taylor (Men With Guns and Smile of a Dragon)

Christopher Dark (The Accomplice and Brother Thaddeus)

Kevin Hagen (Seth)

Harold J. Stone and Murray MacLeod (Death Wait)

Cloris Leachman and James Olson (The Land Dreamer)

Anne Francis (All Nice and Legal)

Philip Carey (Siege and We've Lost a Train)

Kiel Martin (The Hell Wind and Incident at Diablo Crossing)

Roy Jenson, Ted Gehring, and Charles H. Radilac (The Storm Gate)

Bing Russell (Riff Raff, The Invaders, The Deadly Past, and We've Lost a Train)

David Macklin and Alice Rawlings (Deadeye Dick)

Patty Duke (Sue Ann)

Peter Whitney (A Bride for Lars and The Runaway)

Tom Skerritt (The Crooked Path, The Saddle Warmer, and Impasse)

Barbara Werle (An Echo of Thunder and A Bride for Lars)

Colleen Dewhurst and Hugh O'Brian (The Executioners)

Barry Primus (The Mark of a Man)

Vera Miles (The Man Who Couldn't Die)

Joan Staley (Beyond the Border)

Alan Baxter (Old Cowboy and The Deadly Past)

Brandon De Wilde (50 Days to Moose Jaw and The Orchard)

James Gregory, Harry Swoger, Nesdon Booth, and Charles Briggs (50 Days to Moose Jaw)

Robert Pine (The Ordeal and Dangerous Road)

Tom Tryon and Carol Lynley (The Man From the Sea)

Shirley Knight (The Man From the Sea and Lost Yesterday)

George C. Scott and Ann Meacham (The Brazen Bell)

Leo Genn (The Thirty Days of Gavin Heath)

Paul Mante (The Handyman)

Gary Collins, Bernie Hamilton, and Anthony Caruso (Incident at Diablo Crossing)

Louise Sorel, Anthony Hayes, and Russ Conway (The Dream of Stavros Karas)

Lee Kroeger (Stacey and Incident at Diablo Crossing)

James A. Watson, Jill Townsend, Charles Maxwell, Wayne Storm, and Ken Renard (Black Jade)

Noah Beery (You Can Lead a Horse to Water)

Patricia Morrow (Smile of a Dragon and Rich Man, Poor Man)

Charles Robinson, Henry Jones, and Patricia Hyland (No War for the Warrior)

Susan Strasberg (The Captive)

Ann Prentiss, Carrie Snodgress, James Brolin, Gary Vinson, and Tom Bosley (Crime Wave in Buffalo Springs)

The Irish Rovers (Crime Wave in Buffalo Springs and The Saddle Warmer)

Anthony Call, Darwin Joston, Don Pedro Colley, and Wesley Lau   (Gentle Tamers)

Mark Miranda, Indus Arthur,  Jason Evers, Brendon Boone, and Les Tremayne (An Echo of Thunder)

Debbie Watson (Eileen)

Richard Van Vleet (Eileen and The Price of Love)

Steve Ihnat (Jed)

Lynda Day, Robert Fuller, Phillip E. Pine, Jocelyn Brando, Frank Overton, Jim Creech, and Kent McCord  (A Welcoming Town)

Julie Sommars, Roger Torrey, and Mabel Albertson (Big Tiny)

Julie Gregg and Frank Marth (The Gift)

Kevin Coughlin and Ellen Moss (The Crooked Path)

John Dehner (Halfway Back from Hell and Echo of Another Day)

Jack Elam and Michael Larrain (Rich Man, Poor Man)

Pernell Roberts (The Long Way Home)

Albert Salmi (Brother Thaddeus, A Little Learning. . ., and The Death Wagon)

James Whitmore (Paid In Full, A Flash of Darkness, and Nobody Said Hello)

Don Stroud (Paid in Full, Image of an Outlaw, and The Long Way Home)

Robert Lansing, Sharon Farrell, Burt Douglas, Steve Raines, Kelly Thordsen, Philip Chapin, Percy Helton, James Nusser, John Perak, and Cyril Delevanti (Execution at Triste)

Joan Collins and Rose Marie (The Lady From Wichita)

Peter Deuel, Skip Homeier, and Peggy York (The Price of Love)

Elinor Donahue, Ron Hayes, Nester Paiva, Myron Healy, Joseph Campanella, Dave Perna, Ronnie Rondell, and Ned Romero (Siege)

Valora Noland,  R.G. Armstrong, Warren Stevens, and Vivi Janiss (The Girl on the Pinto)

Beverly Owen, Ed Begley, and Rees Vaughn (The Invaders

Susan Oliver and Burr de Benning (The Storm Gate)

Malachi Throne, Paul Carr, Mary Carver, Harry Landers, and Lorette Strome (To Bear Witness)

William Windom (To Bear Witness and Halfway Back from Hell)

Kathie Browne  (Brother Thaddeus)

Patricia Crowley and Ford Rainey (The Hell Wind)

Clint Howard (Ride a Cock-Horse to Laramie Cross and Melanie)

Michael Constantine (A Touch of Hands, The Death Wagon, and The Dream of Stavros Karas)

Nita Talbot (Ride a Cock-Horse to Laramie Cross)

Mel Tormé (The Handy Man)

DeForest Kelley, Peggy McCay, Michael Pate, William Bryant, Ann Gardner, and Harry Shannon (Man of Violence)

Belinda J. Montgomery (A Touch of Hands)

and Elizabeth Hubbard (You Can Lead a Horse to Water)

whose "chance meeting" or touch through their appearances worked toward the good in shaping Trampas' character.




                The "Shiloh Family" and regular cast members of  The Virginian

James Drury (the Virginian)

Lee J. Cobb (Judge Henry Garth)

Gary Clarke (Steve Hill)

Roberta Shore (Betsy Garth)

Randy Boone (Randy Benton)

Clu Gulager (Emmett Ryker)

Charles Bickford (John Grainger)

Don Quine (Stacey Grainger)

David Hartman (David Sutton)

Tim Matheson (James Joseph Horn)

Pippa Scott (Molly Wood)

L. Q. Jones (Belden)

Diane Roter (Jennifer Sommers)

Ross Elliott (Sheriff Mark Abbott)

John Bryant (Dr. R.M. Spaulding a.k.a. Dr. R.J. Spaulding a.k.a. Dr. Carl Spalding)

John Dehner (Morgan Starr)

Jan Stine (Eddy)

Russell Thorson (Sheriff Stan Evans)

Roy Engel (Barney Wingate)

Brendon Dillon (Mr. Bemis)

Frank Sully (Danny the Bartender)

Stuart Nisbet (Bart the Bartender)

E.J. Andre (Alex "Cookie")

Dean Harens (Minister)

Paul Comi (Lawyer Brad Carter)

Walter Woolf King (Medicine Bow's Trial Judge) 

Ken Swofford (Seth Pettit)

Jimmy Lee Cook (as variously named ranch hands, also in many co-starring roles)

Stephen Coit (as various businessmen in town)

Cecil Combs (as Cecil) and all the other never-credited cowhands

Jean Peloquin (Jean the "singing cowboy," sometimes credited as "Gene")

Dick Shane (Dick--Mr. Shane was also James Drury's stunt double)

Harper Flaherty (Harper--Mr. Flaherty was also Doug McClure's stunt double)

John McIntire (Clay Grainger)

Jeanette Nolan (Holly Grainger)

Royal Dano (Faraway in Ride a Dark Trail and Say Goodbye to All That)

and Sara Lane (Elizabeth "Liz" Grainger)

without whose interaction through the convincing portrayal of their roles in the series Trampas would not have had the opportunity nor influence for change.

© 1997 - 2003 Barbara J. Townsend

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