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[Betsy has just told Steve that she's been thinking about it all day and thinks he's "pretty" - ]

Trampas: "What about me?"

Betsy Garth: "Hmmm, funny."

(THE EXECUTIONERS, by Morton Fine and David Friedkin 1.01 [001] / Directed by David Friedkin)






*Kurt Russell (bent over), Doug McClure, Randy Boone 
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Trampas:   "I have two reasons to ride out there tomorrow.  First I have to straighten things out with Toby, and--"

Ellen Lawrence:   "Second?"

Trampas:  "There's a girl who works out there I've known for a long, long time.  Name's Ellen, and you know I bet she hasn't seen the countryside.  It's beautiful this time of year.   How's 3 o'clock?"

Ellen: "I thought you said Toby was the crazy maverick."

Trampas: "Well, kids'll be kids."

(A FATHER FOR TOBY, teleplay by True Boardman, story by Tom Seller, 3.08 [068] / Directed by Alan Crossland, Jr.)




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Mrs. Grainger:   "Trampas is Shiloh, there's no difference.  You should know that."

Sheriff Mark Abbott:   "And I know that Trampas had nothing to do with the trouble at Bowden's.  But I do think you should know that some people around Medicine Bow are beginning to feel sorry for them . . .  These people are beginning to talk."

Mrs. Grainger:   "Well, I never.  Mark, there is one thing around here that we value more highly than anything else.  And that is our good name."

(THE HANDY MAN, by Mel Tormé, 6.24 [173] / Directed by Abner Biberman)





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Martin Beldon:   "Everybody knows how you make a six-gun jump like a fist full of diamonds."

(SAY GOOD BYE TO ALL THAT, by Al C. Ward , 1.18 [018] / Directed by William Witney)





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Kim Ho:   "What will you do?

Trampas: "The way I look at it, I got two choices.  I can keep on running and try to get to Montrose before that posse does or I can catch up with those two and clear myself of this mess."

Kim Ho: "It will be High Water."  [the town the outlaws have gone to]

Trampas:  "How are you so certain?"

Kim Ho:  "Because with you, it will always be better to fight than to run."

(SMILE OF A DRAGON, teleplay by Cy Chermak & Don Ingalls, story by Borden Chase, 2.22 [052] / Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen)





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Peg Halstead:  "I've got lots of dreams for us--the ranch and a family. . . You'll be very successful, and we'll be terribly rich, and when the children go to school we'll probably move into town and you'll be elected mayor and then after that probably governor and then--"

Trampas: "What?   Governor?  I'm just a cattleman, plain and simple.  Cattleman."


(A TOUCH OF HANDS, by John Dunkel, 8.10 [211] / Directed by Tony Leader)




Jean Peloquin, Drury, McIntire, Jeanette Nolan, Sara Lane, David Hartman, and Doug McClure
fond2.jpg (87469 bytes)  

Luke Nichols:   "You folks are kind of FOND of Trampas, ain't ya."



(FOX, HOUND AND THE WIDOW McCLOUD, by Judith Barrows, 7.25 [200] / Directed by Don McDougall)




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Jean Hale:  "Tell me more about yourself."

Trampas:   "Well, no, I don't think that would be safe."

Jean Hale:  "Safe?"

Trampas:  "For you.  You know what the boys at the bunkhouse say -- to know me is to love me."

(RYKER, by Frank Fenton 3.01 [061] / Don Richardson)





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Stable Manager:   "You can ride some."

(DANGEROUS ROAD, by John and Ward Hawkins, 3.26 [086] / Directed by Maury Geraghty)




buckskin3a.jpg (98998 bytes)


Mr. Murdock:  "I can't ride near as good as Trampas or handle a lariat anymore like he can.  You're right, he's one fine specimen of a cowboy."


(OLD COWBOY, by Gabrielle Upton, 3.28 [088] / Directed by William Witney)




*Valora Noland and Doug McClure
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Elizabeth Grainger:   "Seems to me I heard something about the Harleys having a daughter."

Trampas:   "Daughter?  Oh.  Well, I'm sure you'll find some way to tell her about my virtues."

Elizabeth:   "Your virtues?"

Trampas: . . . "I want to get to know her.  So you can tell her some of my virtues.   Only build it up a little, hmm?"

Elizabeth:   "I'll try."

Trampas:  "And I'll tell her some of my faults:  like I'm too kind, too considerate, and a wonderful dancer."

(THE GIRL ON THE PINTO, teleplay by Seeleg Lester and Theodore Apstein, story by Theodore Apstein, 5.27 [147] / Directed by Don McDougall)




Doug McClure and John McIntire
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Clay Grainger: "He's my top hand.  I'd trust him with my life.  I have on several occasions."


(A TOUCH OF HANDS, by John Dunkel, 8.11 [212] / Directed by Tony Leader)




horsemaster4.jpg (71506 bytes)


Harper:  "Shiloh wouldn't be Shiloh without him."



(FOX, HOUND, AND THE WIDOW McCLOUD, by Judith Barrows, 7.25 [200] / Directed by Don McDougall)




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Virginian:   "You find something wrong with Maggie?"

Trampas: "No, no I don't.  She's a fine lookin' woman.  When I saw her in the saloon that night I said--"

Virginian:   "People can change, you know."

Trampas:  "You bet.  You bet they can.  Now look at me."

(BEYOND THE BORDER, by Martha Wilkerson, 4.10 [100] / Directed by Don McDougall)




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Miss Mary Charles Marshall:   "How dare you, sneaking up on me like that.  I knew I shouldn't have permitted myself to sleep. . . What is this?!"

Trampas:  "My jacket."

Miss Mary Charles Marshall:  "How'd I get it?"

Trampas:  "I gave it to you.  It's a cold night and you're a long way from the fire. . . I know what you thought, Miss Marshall. I wish you'd get it through your head that all the gentlemen in this world don't come from Alabama."

(YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER, by Lois Hire, 8.15 [216] / Directed by James Neilson)





*Doug McClure and Kathryn Hays
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Charity:   "Trampas, have you ever been to San Francisco?   I'd like to go there. . . I'm just not sure.   There's so many things I want to do with--"

Trampas:  "Do with that $15,000."

Charity:  "Yes. What would you do with that much money?"

Trampas: "I don't know.  A lot of things I want you can't buy with money."

(A SLIGHT CASE OF CHARITY, teleplay by Howard Browne and True Boardman, story by Howard Browne, 3.21 [081] / Directed by Dick Benedict)





Sara Lane and Doug McClure
wonderful3.jpg (78672 bytes)



"Liz" Grainger:   "He's kind of wonderful."



(THE HELL WIND, by Barbara Merlin and Leonard Praskins, 6.21 [170] / Directed by Don McDougall)




value2.jpg (69546 bytes)

Miss Mary Charles Marshall:   ". . .  I'm beholden."

Trampas:  "You don't owe me anything.  You just be happy."

Miss Mary Charles Marshall:   "Well, one good turn deserves another.  I won't forget you."

(YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER, by Lois Hire, 8.15 [216] / Directed by James Neilson)


And I won't forget you, either.  Thank you!


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