(Note - all these have character development, some more than others. I have noted the "fun" episodes because some people enjoy the happy-go-lucky Trampas better than his "serious" side --for information about the story lines, you might check the very short synopses at Virginian4Sale)

Season One:

1.06 Big Day, Great Day (fun and important character development)

1.07 Riff Raff (fun)

1.08 Impasse

1.10 West (destiny)

1.13 The Accomplice

1.18 Say Good Bye to All That

1.21 The Small Parade (fun with Doug McClure’s then four year old daughter)

1.26 Echo of Another Day

1.30 The Final Hour (destiny)

Season Two:

2.01 Ride a Dark Trail  (Trampas arrives at Shiloh - essential to understand this character)

2.04 A Killer in Town

2.06 It Takes a Big Man

2.07 Brother Thaddeus (fun)

2.13 Siege (destiny)

2.14 Man of Violence (destiny)

2.15 The Invaders

2.21 A Matter of Destiny (destiny)

2.22 Smile of a Dragon (destiny)

2.28 A Bride for Lars (fun)

Season Three:

3.02 Dark Challenge

3.04 The Hero

3.08 A Father for Toby (fun)

3.17 Two Men Named Laredo

3.21 A Slight Case of Charity (fun)

2.26 Dangerous Road

3.28 Old Cowboy

3.30 We’ve Lost a Train (fun)

Season Four:

4.04 The Claim (destiny)

4.09 Show Me a Hero

4.15 Blaze of Glory (destiny)

4.17 Men With Guns (destiny)

4.23 Ride a Cock Horse to Laramie Cross (fun)

Season Five:

5.04 An Echo of Thunder

5.06 The Challenge (destiny)

5.08 Trail to Ashley Mountain

5.11 Beloved Outlaw (actually features Elizabeth Grainger, but the Trampas parts are important)

5.22 Melanie (love story, and destiny)

5.26 A Welcoming Town

5.27 The Girl on the Pinto

Season Six:

6.02 The Deadly Past (the script I have featured John Grainger, not Trampas -- Charles Bickford was ill at this time)

6.08 A Bad Place to Die (destiny)

6.11 To Bear Witness

6.13 Execution at Triste

6.16 The Death Wagon (some backstory)

6.18 With Help from Ulysses (fun)

6.21 The Hell Wind

6.22 The Crooked Path

6.24 The Handy Man

6.26 Seth

Season Seven:

7.01 The Saddle Warmer (this is the Dave Sutton introduction episode, but for anyone following the development of Trampas' character it should not be missed)

7.09 The Storm Gate (destiny)

7.13 Big Tiny (fun)

7.12 Eileen

7.17 Crime Wave in Buffalo Springs (almost slapstick comedy)

7.22 Incident at Diablo Crossing

7.23 Storm Over Shiloh (one of the best "Shiloh Family" episodes)

7.25 Fox, Hound, and the Widow McCloud (destiny)

Season Eight:

8.03 Halfway Back from Hell

8.08 The Substitute (personally, one of my least favorite Trampas episodes)

8.11 A Touch of Hands (love story and destiny)

8.14 Black Jade

8.15 You Can Lead a Horse to Water (fun and very enjoyable)

8.17 Holocaust (good Shiloh Family episode)

Season Nine - Retitled "THE MEN FROM SHILOH"

9.02 The Best Man (one of the best Trampas MEN FROM SHILOH episodes)

9.04 With Love, Bullets, and Valentines (enjoyable, but Trampas' character seems a little degraded)

9.08 Lady at the Bar (enjoyable, but Trampas' character quite degraded)

9.11 Follow the Leader (Trampas seemed very aloof from Col. Mackenzie and also a little mean-spirited, much below the compassionate man of the earlier seasons and the man who was loyal to his bosses)

9.13 Hannah (Trampas' character is well portrayed in this episode)

9.14 The Legacy of Spencer Flats (fun - Trampas is a bit degraded, but at least he’s "nice")

These others may have important insight into or development of Trampas' character, although he may not be featured:

1.01 The Executioners

1.02 The Woman From White Wing

1.03 Throw a Long Rope

1.04 The Big Deal

1.05 The Brazen Bell

1.09 It Tolls for Thee

1.11 The Devil’s Children

1.12 Fifty Days to Moose Jaw

1.14 The Man From the Sea

1.19 The Man Who Couldn’t Die

1.20 If You Have Tears

1.23 The Money Cage

1.24 The Golden Door

1.25 A Distant Fury

2.10 Stopover in a Western Town (Trampas appears briefly, but no character development)

2.12 A Time Remembered

2.16 Roar from the Mountain (Trampas appears briefly, but no character development)

2.18 The Thirty Days of Gavin Heath

3.01 Ryker

3.03 The Stallion

3.11 All Nice and Legal

3.18 Hideout

3.19 Six Graves at Cripple Creek

3.20 Lost Yesterday

3.22 You Take the High Road

3.25 Timberland (Trampas only in this with stock footage at dance)

4.01 The Brothers

4.02 The Day of the Scorpion

4.03 A Little Learning

4.05 The Awakening

4.06 Ring of Silence

4.07 Jennifer

4.08 Nobility of Kings

4.10 Beyond the Border

4.11 The Dream of Stavros Karas

4.13 The Horse Fighter

4.16 Nobody Said Hello

4.28 No Drums, No Trumpets

4.29 A Bald Faced Boy

4.30 Mark of a Man

5.01 Legacy of Hate

5.03 The Captive

5.09 Dead Eye Dick

5.13 The Long Way Home

5.16 Sue Ann

5.21 Without Mercy

5.24 Nightmare at Fort Killman

6.03 The Lady From Wichita

6.06 The Masquerade

6.08 Bitter Autumn

6.10 Paid in Full

6.17 Jed

6.19 Gentle Tamers

6.23 Stacey

6.25 The Decision

7.03 The Orchard

7.04 A Vision of Blindness

7.05 Wind of Outrage

7.09 Image of an Outlaw

7.07 The Heritage

7.15 Death Wait

7.16 Last Grave at Socorro Creek

7.18 The Price of Love

7.19 The Ordeal

7.20 The Land Dreamer

7.24 The Girl in the Shadows

8.01 The Long Ride Home

8.02 A Flash of Darkness

8.04 The Power Seekers

8.05 The Family Man

8.06 The Runaway

8.07 A Love to Remember

8.10 Home to Methuselah

8.20 No War for the Warrior

8.22 The Sins of the Fathers

8.23 Rich Man, Poor Man

8.24 The Gift

9.01 The West vs. Colonel MacKenzie (only MEN FROM SHILOH episode with the Virginian and Trampas together)

9.02 The Best Man

9.04 With Love, Bullets, and Valentines

9.08 Lady at the Bar

9.11 Follow the Leader

9.13 Hannah

9.17 Legacy of Spencer Flats

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