Trampas' Love Interests

Lost loves:

Polcia ("Final Hour" 1.30) -- wanted to marry her, but she was killed.
Floss Delaney ("Brother Thaddeus" 2.07) -- Trampas wanted to be serious about her,
but she was older than he was and wasn't all that interested in him. She
went to jail.
Carol Logan Cole ("Siege" 2.13) -- she had already married another man when he went
back to New Mexico to look her up.
Janet Lawrence ("A Matter of Destiny 2.21) -- had his plans to marry her, but she
decided on another man.
Janet Hale ("Ryker" 3.01) -- attracted to her and would have liked to be
serious about her. Lost her to the Virginian taking her to the dance at the
end of the story (Ryker was also attracted to her).
Judy King ("Blaze of Glory" 4.15) -- also serious about her, but she wanted to go
to some big city so "something would happen" to her.
Gina Larsen ("Men With Guns" 4.17) -- killed trying to defend her father with the gun Trampas had given her.
Melanie Kohler ("Melanie" 5.22) -- already had things worked out to marry her, but she
left him at the very last moment because she was dying.
Margaret "Peg" Halstead ("A Touch of Hands" 8.10) -- already had things worked out to
marry her, but she left because she realized she couldn't handle life in the West.
Sally Anne ("The Gift" 8.24) -- actually, this was a lost love from earlier
in his life - she left him because she loved music more than him.

And I would add Molly Wood.  Although she was considered the Virginian's girl,
Trampas was always trying to woo her ("The Executioners" 1.01, "The Big Deal" 1.04, "Riff Raff" 1.07)

Here's a few that he had known for a brief time but was attracted to:

Helen Judson ("Man of Violence" 2.14) -- she was another man's wife, but he got
killed and Trampas became attracted to her. She was killed by Indians.
Margaret Tyrone ("The Invaders" 2.15) -- he was attracted to her, but she wanted to
become a nun, and he took her to the convent.
Charity ("A Slight Case of Charity" 3.21) -- she "borrowed" $1500 from his
cattle sale, and he was helping her get it back. This was a questionable
because she didn't love him, but look at the expression on his face when she
got the man she did love.
Anne Crowder ("The Storm Gate" 7.09) -- wife of one of his friends from the past.
Very attracted to her. When her husband left her (and she was pregnant),
Trampas wanted to help (maybe marry?) her, but she felt she had to learn to
be on her own.
Claire Garson ("The Girl in the Shadows" 7.24) -- attracted to her. She left to
find out who she really was.
Sophia ("A Love to Remember" 8.07) the "pink legged" trapeze lady that came to
town with the circus.
Mary Charles Marshall ("You Can Lead a Horse to Water" 8.15) -- didn't like
her at first, but she grew on him. She was never in love with him because
she had come out West to marry another man.

These "romantic interests" were not killed off nor did they leave, yet they were never seen again:

Mildred Kroeger ("Impasse" 1.08) -- Trampas promised to court her after her father's
Winnie the saloon girl ("Ride a Dark Trail" 2.01)
Kim Ho ("Smile of a Dragon" 2.22) -- She really loved him. He hoped to see
her again.
Ellen Lawrence ("A Father For Toby" 3.08) -- school teacher he wanted to know what
she was doing with her Saturday nights from then on.
Melinda ("Ride a Cock Horse to Laramie Cross" 4.23) -- these two got to
really care for each other after a bad start. He promised to go to Laramie
to take her to the dance.
Amanda [Loomis] Harley ("The Girl on the Pinto" 5.27) -- last time we saw them together they
were riding up a hill.
Lorna Marie Marshall ("The Lady From Wichita" 6.03") Trampas was attracted to her and helped
her get her ranch started after it was willed to her by one of Trampas' friends.
Betty Martin ("With Help from Ulysses" 6.18) - girlfriend he had met in another town
and went back to court while on vacation.

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