Unless otherwise noted, these episodes were recorded from replays on an "oldies" Television station.  Most include commercial interruptions but have not been edited for syndication. **However, all shows recorded from the FAM Channel will be missing a small portion of the story.   New upgrades have been added for some episodes from the Lone Star Channel (unedited, but do contain commercials).   Sold from one Western collector to another with no rights given or implied.

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Unusual find -- 40 minute "pilot"? for the series LAREDO simply titled "The Streets of Laredo".  This is an edited version of THE VIRGINIAN episode "We've Lost a Train" shown in black and white.

1/2 hour DECISION episode THE VIRGINIAN with James Drury in black and white (sometimes referred to as the unsold pilot)

The ACCOMPLICE:  1.13  Drama featuring Virginian and Trampas (Bette Davis as spinster bank clerk who identifies Trampas as bank robber while blackmailing real thief)  [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

AH SING vs. WYOMING:  6.08  Drama featuring Ryker and John Grainger (Edmond O'Brien--Ryker is spoiled by Chinaman's cooking while restaurant license case is taken to Supreme Court by chef's alcoholic lawyer)

ALL NICE AND LEGAL:  3.11 Drama featuring Virginian (Anne Francis--People in Medicine Bow, including Virginian, doubt pretty lady attorney's legal abilities)  [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

ANOTHER'S FOOTSTEPS:  2.24   Drama featuring Virginian (Sheree North, John Agar, Jon Drury, Peter Mamakos--While searching for friend's killer Virginian protects woman and her son from Indians and lets affection for little boy put him into killer's trap) [from Lone Star]

The AWAKENING:  4.05  Drama featuring Betsy (Glenn Corbett as former minister who reluctantly gets involved in miners' squabbles and wins the heart of Betsy who marries him and moves to new parish in Pennsylvania)

BACKTRACK:  "feature length" movie compilation of portions of "Ride a Dark Trail" and "We've Lost a Train"--Comedy/drama featuring Trampas (Neville Brand, Peter Brown, William Smith, Ida Lupino, Rhonda Fleming--While on a trip to Mexico to get a bull, Trampas gets involved with the LAREDO bunch Texas Rangers looking for train robbers and taking care of an orphaned baby)

A BAD PLACE TO DIE:  6.09  Heavy drama featuring Trampas, Virginian, Clay Grainger, and Stacey  (Victor Jory--Trampas accused of murder and sentenced to hang.  While Clay, Stacey, and Virginian seek to clear him, Trampas escapes from prison with old convict who befriended him) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

A BALD FACED BOY:  4.29  Drama featuring Randy  (Royal Dano, Andrew Prine, Andrew Duggan--Randy's backwoods family visits Shiloh with news that man Randy helped send to prison is out to get him)

The BARREN GROUND:  6.12 Drama featuring Virginian  (Jay C. Flippen, Collin Wilcox--Virginian takes body of young man killed in self defense to ailing father who warns him other son will be out for vengeance and begs him to persuade daughter living with Indians to come home) [excellent quality from Lone Star]

BELOVED OUTLAW:  5.11  Drama featuring Elizabeth Grainger (Liz buys a wild white stallion.  Wants to enter him in race.  Still loves the horse even though temporarily blinded after falling off him)

BEYOND THE BORDER:  4.10  Drama featuring Virginian and Trampas (Joan Staley, Michael Forest, Thomas Gomez, Joe Mantell--Virginian falls ill on trip to Mexico to get Palomino horses. Trampas goes to get horses while Virginian is cared for by outlaw's girl)  [from Lone Star]

BIG DAY, GREAT DAY:  1.06  Mostly comedy featuring Steve Hill, Trampas, and Judge Garth (Aldo Ray, Mickey Shaughnessy, Carolyn Kearney--On trip to Casper Judge Garth meets up with old friend who is going to wrestle for championship of the world, and Trampas tries to keep Steve from marrying a saloon girl who reminds him of his lost love) [*please note:  this episode was taped off the Encore Western channel and is complete without commercial interruptions]

The BIG DEAL:  1.04  Comedy/Drama featuring Judge Garth, Virginian, and Betsy (Ricardo Montalban as South American who plans to sell Garth a piece of grazing land--but at what price?)  [*please note: this episode was taped from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

BIG IMAGE, LITTLE MAN:  3.07  Drama featuring Virginian (Linden Chiles, Slim Pickens--While on cattle drive to Seattle Virginian finds spoiled young eastern tycoon and has him earn his keep)

BIG TINY:  7.13  Comedy featuring Dave Sutton and Trampas (Julie Sommars, Roger Torrey--In Durango for a bull auction Dave runs into trouble when he agrees to help a girl escape an unwanted suitor by pretending to be engaged to her)  [*please note:  this episode was recorded from the FAM channel--no commercials, but a small portion of the story will be missing.   Also available--unedited version from the "oldies" channel.  This tape has commercial interruptions and is missing most of the ending credits]

BITTER AUTUMN:  6.08  Drama introducing John McIntire as Clay Grainger and Jeanette Nolan as Holly Grainger (John Anderson, Steve Carlson--Texas rancher brings diseased cattle herd to Wyoming, and a woman is accidentally shot and killed)  [excellent quality from Lone Star update 7/02]

BITTER HARVEST:  5.25  Drama featuring Virginian   (John Lupton--Virginian runs into trouble while trying to make wheat deal for Shiloh)  [upgrade from Lone Star channel 4/03]

BLACK JADE:  8.14  Drama featuring Trampas (James A. Watson, William Shatner, Jill Townsend--Trampas thinks traveling singer might have killed one of his friends because he has the man's watch.  Goes to suspect's fantasy town and meets up with outlaws) [*please note:  this episode is missing most of the ending credits]


BLAZE OF GLORY:  4.15  Drama featuring Trampas and Ryker (Leif Erickson, Joan Freeman--Trampas is in love with daughter of  retired lawman who gets involved with robbers when he takes gold offered by gang leader to pay his bank note)

The BRAZEN BELL:  1.05  Drama featuring Judge Garth and Virginian (George C. Scott as cowardly school teacher who becomes the hero when Medicine Bow's children are held hostage by escaped convicts)  [*please note:  this episode was taped from FAM or Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

The BRAZOS KID:  3.06  (Barbara Eden, Skip Homeier--Newspaper woman stirs up a lot of trouble with her story about a Wyoming outlaw)

A BRIDE FOR LARS:  2.28  Comedy featuring Trampas  (Katherine Crawford, Peter Whitney--Trampas "hired" to bring Lars Holstrum's Swedish "bride" from Laramie to Medicine Bow)

BROTHER THADDEUS:  2.07  Comedy/Drama featuring Trampas and Judge Garth (Albert Salmi, Kathie Brown--Ex-troublemaker returns to Medicine Bow as a Franciscan monk) [nice quality from Lone Star]

The BROTHERS:  4.01  Drama featuring Ryker (Andrew Prine, Robert Lansing--Ryker has to bring his friend into custody after one brother breaks the other out of prison and accidentally kills a man in the process)  

The BUGLER:  8.08  Drama featuring Clay Grainger (Michael Burns, Morgan Woodward--Clay helps old Army officer friend reach understanding with his Army private son who deserted his post)

The CAPTIVE:  5.03  Drama featuring Elizabeth and John Grainger  (Susan Strasberg as girl who had been captured and raised by Indians and is reluctant to be reunited with birth parents and return to the "White" world) 

CHAFF IN THE WIND:  4.19  Drama  (Ed Begley as head of wandering family of quick money artists)

The CHALLENGE:  5.06  Drama featuring Trampas (Dan Duryea, Barbara Anderson, Michael Burns--Trampas loses memory after being wounded in stage holdup.  Befriended by farm family but suspected of being one of the outlaws because he has the man's gun)

The CLAIM:  4.04  Drama featuring Trampas  (William Shatner, Strother Martin--Tired of ranch life, Trampas goes off to the Dakotas with old friend. They join with prospector to search for gold on Indian land) [upgrade from Lone Star channel 4/03 -- *bj recommends as one of best Trampas episodes]

CRIME WAVE IN BUFFALO SPRINGS:  7.17  Comedy featuring Dave and Trampas (Yvonne DeCarlo, James Brolin, Tom Bosley, Ann Prentiss--Banker thinks once true love saloon owner was responsible for robbing his bank and feels that Dave and Trampas were in on it, especially since Dave came into town wearing robber's clothes and riding his horse)  

The CROOKED PATH:  6.22  Drama featuring Trampas  (Kevin Coughlin, Tom Skerritt--Undisciplined, braggart son of Trampas' old lawman friend runs away from home and comes to Shiloh looking for job but seems more interested in showing off fast gun tricks and romancing Grainger's visiting niece than in working)

DANGEROUS ROAD:  3.26  Drama featuring Trampas  (Robert Pine, Tom Simcox, Marilyn Wayne--Trampas deputized to transport accused killer, son of prominent but not well-liked citizen, back to hometown then decides to stick around to investigate death of old lawman friend)

DARK CHALLENGE:  3.02  Drama featuring Trampas and Ryker (Victor Jory, Katherine Ross, Chris Robinson--Trampas befriends crippled girl. Is suspect in the death of her father after Ryker finds knife in his buggy)

The DARK CORRIDOR:  7.10  Drama featuring Virginian (Judith Lang, Paul Winchell, John Smith--Virginian tries to help woman suffering from amnesia)   [*please note: this episode is missing the last minute but it doesn't detract much from the end of the story]

DARK DESTINY:  2.29  Drama featuring Virginian and Randy (Brenda Scott, Bill Smith--Virginian has custody of cattle rustler's tomboy daughter who nurses Randy back to health after an accident and then can't decide whether to be devoted to the cowhand or help her father escape from jail) [new upgrade from Lone Star 11/03]

DAY OF THE SCORPION:  4.02  Drama featuring Virginian  (John Anderson, Harold Gould--Shiloh boys fight land-grabbing sheep herders.  Virginian falls for sheepman's daughter)  [upgrade from Lone Star 11/03]

DEADEYE DICK:  5.09  Comedy/drama featuring Virginian   (Alice Rawlings, David Macklin--Girl fantasizes about badmen and the West.  Thinks Virginian is her "Deadeye Dick")

The DEADLY PAST:  6.02  Drama featuring Trampas   (Darren McGavin, Linden Chiles--Trampas is on hit list with seven others)

The DEATH WAGON:  6.16  Drama featuring Trampas and Clay, Holly, Elizabeth Grainger  (Albert Salmi, Michael Constantine, Tim McIntire--Clay sends Trampas to help Army catch escaped criminal suspected of  having Scarlet Fever)

DEATH WAIT:  7.15  Drama featuring Dave Sutton  (Harold J. Stone--David kills young man in self defense.  Boy's father and brother seek revenge) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

The DECISION:  6.25  Drama featuring Trampas and Virginian (Kenneth Tobey, Monica Lewis, Steve Carlson, Ben Murphy--Lawman quits job because of wife's fears for his safety and signs on at Shiloh.  But he's more a lawman than a cowboy, and finds this out when he visits his hometown while on a cattle drive)

The DEVIL'S CHILDREN:  1.11  Drama (Charles Bickford, Joan Freeman--Wayward girl is shot and killed after setting fire to Shiloh barn)

A DISTANT FURY 1.25 Drama featuring Steve (Ida Lupino, Howard Duff, Joey Heatherton--Steve thinks man he helped send to prison is returning to get even with him.  Has romantic interest in daughter of the robber's accomplice) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

DOCTOR PAT:  5.23  Drama  (Jill Donahue as woman doctor having trouble being accepted in Medicine Bow)

The DREAM OF STAVROS KARAS:  4.11 Drama featuring Judge Garth, Jennifer, and Trampas (Michael Constantine, Louise Sorel--Widower, who sent for woman from Old Country mainly to tend to his house and children, has trouble accepting that his wife-to-be is young and beautiful and concentrates on trying to save his fig trees by diverting water from land of stubborn neighboring rancher)  

The DRIFTER:  2.19 Drama featuring Virginian and Judge Garth (Leif Erickson, Michael Forest, Mariette Hartley--Flashback to the Virginian signing on at Shiloh)  [*please note:  this episode was taped from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

DUEL AT SHILOH:  1.15  Drama featuring Steve Hill  (Brian Keith, Ben Johnson, DeForest Kelley--Flashback to Steve signing on at Shiloh)

ECHO OF ANOTHER DAY:  1.26  Drama featuring Trampas and Virginian  (Bradford Dillman, John Dehner, Ed Asner--Trampas wants to help old friend, a fast gun fresh out of prison and in a lot of trouble with his past partner in crime and a railroad detective, return the gold he stole.  Virginian comes to rescue)

An ECHO OF THUNDER:  5.04  Drama featuring Trampas   (John Anderson, Jason Evers--Trampas gets into real trouble when he decides to investigate a friend's death)

EILEEN:  7.21  Drama featuring Clay and Elizabeth Grainger and Trampas (Debbie Watson--Girl from Midwest sent to Shiloh to forget romance.  Note Trampas sports a moustache)

The EVIL THAT MEN DO:  2.06 Drama featuring Virginian, Steve, and Betsy (Robert Redford as parolee in Judge's custody who comes to work at Shiloh but has trouble excepting anyone's friendship) [*please note:  this episode was taped from FAM or The Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

EXECUTION AT TRISTE:  6.13  Drama featuring Trampas   (Robert Lansing as gunfighter Trampas had once wanted to emulate whose one desire seems to be goading men to a showdown to the death) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

The EXECUTIONERS:  1.01  Drama featuring Virginian, Molly, and Judge Garth (Hugh O'Brian, Colleen Dewhurst--Cowboy seeks vengeance on town that wrongfully hanged his father)  [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

THE EXILES: 1.16 Drama featuring Garth and Virginian (Tammy Grimes--Judge kills man in self defense and is charged with murder.   Virginian asks dance hall girl to help him get evidence from man who may be threatening to kill her) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star 11/03]

The FAMILY MAN:  8.05  Drama featuring Jim Horn   (Darleen Carr, Quinn Redeker--Jim takes on  responsibility of caring for a young mother and her newborn baby)

FAREWELL TO HONESTY:  3.27 Drama featuring Virginian   (Richard Carlson, Kathleen Crowley--Virginian tries to bring forgery charges against the most prominent citizen of Honesty, Wyoming)  [*please note:  this episode was recorded from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

The FATAL JOURNEY:  2.11  Drama featuring Virginian   (Robert Lansing, Steve Ihnat--Virginian goes after Molly Wood's killers)  [*please note:  this episode was taped from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

A FATHER FOR TOBY:  3.08  Comedy/drama featuring Trampas (Kurt Russell, Rory Calhoun, Joanna Moore--Trampas reluctantly becomes the "dad" of a boy whose real father is an ex-convict)

FELICITY'S SPRING:  3.05  Drama featuring Virginian (Katherine Crawford, Mariette Hartley--Virginian sets wedding date to marry beautiful dying school teacher) [excellent upgrade frm Lone Star]

FIFTY DAYS TO MOOSE JAW:  1.12  Drama featuring Virginian, Trampas, Steve (Brandon De Wilde, James Gregory--Ex-trail boss who'd taught Virginian about cattle is on the run after killing man in self defense.  Hires on Shiloh cattle drive along with teenager who is running away from stepfather and farm life)

The FINAL HOUR: 1:30  Drama featuring Judge Garth and Trampas (Ulla Jacobsson, Don Galloway--Judge Garth stands against other ranchers when he decides to bring immigrant miners into the area so the town will have a chance to grow, and Trampas' love for a Polish girl ends in tragedy)  [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

FIRST TO THINE OWN SELF:  2.20  Drama featuring Betsy and Randy (Bruce Dern and Jan Merle--Randy Boone joins the cast as accused killer whom Betsy befriends) [upgrade from Lone Star 11/03]

A FLASH OF DARKNESS:  8.02  Drama featuring Virginian, Trampas, Jim Horn (James Whitmore, introducing Pamela McMyler--Virginian is blinded after falling during horse round up.  Gets into bad hands but is befriended by rustler's daughter)  [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

The FORTRESS:  6.15  Drama featuring Virginian   (Leslie Nielsen--In Canada, Virginian swindled out of cattle sale and is determined to get money back with unwilling help of French girl) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

The FORTUNES OF J. JIMERSON JONES:  2.17  Comedy/Drama featuring Judge Garth and Betsy  (Pat O'Brien, Ann Doran, Jean Cooper, David Macklin--While in Chicago Judge Garth tries to help old prospector hang on to his fortune)   [*please note:  this episode was taped from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

FOX, HOUND, AND THE WIDOW McCLOUD:  7.25  Drama featuring Trampas and Virginian (Victor Jory, Troy Donahue--sequel to "A Bad Place to Die"--On the run from a bounty hunter, Luke comes from Canada to look up Trampas.  Wants the cowboy to go back to his place with him but realizes Trampas likes it at Shiloh.  Trampas unsuccessful at protecting Luke from bounty hunter) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

A GALLOWS FOR SAM HORN:  3.12  Drama featuring Ryker and Judge Garth (John Lupton, Buck Taylor, George Kennedy--Ryker and Judge have to intervene between a railroad owner and the small ranchers)

The GAUNTLET:  5.20  Drama featuring Virginian   (Marion Moses--The Virginian is ambushed by rustler in Texas.  Used in wife's plot to leave hard, ruthless rancher husband who took him in)

GENTLE TAMERS:  6.19  Drama featuring Clay Grainger and Virginian (Anthony Call, Darwin Joston, Don Pedro Colley, and Country singer Jean Peloquin makes TV debut--As a favor to the warden, Clay hires on three convicts for parole experiment) [*please note: signal is weak on this episode]

The GIFT:  8.24  Drama featuring Jim Horn and Trampas (Julie Gregg, Tab Hunter--Saloon singer has hard time holding on to gift of stolen money when hounded by railroad detective and robber's partner)  [*please note:  this episode was recorded from the FAM Channel--no commercials, but it will be missing a small portion of the story]

The GIRL FROM YESTERDAY:  3.09  Drama featuring Steve Hill  (Gary Clarke, Ruta Lee--Steve reluctantly pretends to want to steal money for old girlfriend in order to see if she's mixed up with outlaws) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

The GIRL IN THE SHADOWS:  7.24  Drama featuring Graingers and Trampas (Brenda Scott, Jack Albertson--In plot to get money from Clay, girl in mind reading act pretends to be his niece, but could it possibly be the truth that she is related to him?)

The GIRL ON THE GLASS MOUNTAIN:  5.14  Drama (Tom Tryon, Pamela Austin, Hugh Beaumont--Former Shiloh hand tries to live up to expectations of spoiled wife)  [upgrade from Lone Star channel 4/03]

The GIRL ON THE PINTO:  5.27  Drama featuring Trampas   (Valora Noland, R.G. Armstrong, Vivi Janiss--Trampas is determined to befriend strange girl who believes she is evil like her outlaw father) [upgrade from Lone Star channel 4/03]

The GOLDEN DOOR:  1.24  Drama featuring Judge Garth (Karl Boehm, Robert Duvall--Judge defends immigrant who is accused of murdering local rancher)

The GOOD-HEARTED BADMAN:  6.20  Drama featuring Elizabeth, Clay, and Holly Grainger (Pete Duel as wounded outlaw whom Elizabeth believes to have good heart) [excellent upgraded copy 5/02]

HALFWAY BACK FROM HELL:  8.03  Drama featuring Trampas (William Windom, John Dehner, Susan Howard--Trampas is shanghaied to be foreman of bunch of paroled convicts at rehabilitation ranch)

The HANDYMAN:  6.23 Drama with comedic moments featuring Trampas (Mel Tormé--During a dispute with another rancher over a piece of land Trampas hires the "little fella" who saved his life to do odd jobs around the ranch.  But could the "handy man" be Little Ned Mullins, the notorious gunfighter?) [*please note: approximately the first 10 minutes of this tape is from the FAM channel. The rest is from the local oldies TV station. There is a splice which does not involve any dialogue or important action.  This episode is complete with an important scene that was missing from the FAM version]

HARVEST OF STRANGERS:  4.22  Drama featuring Virginian and Morgan Starr  (John Anderson--French Canadians set up vigil in Medicine Bow)

The HELL WIND:  6.21  Drama featuring Trampas and Stacey and Elizabeth Grainger (Patricia Crowley, Ford Rainey, Kiel Martin--While taking a bull back to Shiloh Trampas, Stacey, and Liz take refuge from wind storm in deserted cabin.  Joined by banker and his wife, bank teller, and drifter--one of whom robbed the bank of Silver Springs)

The HERITAGE:  7.07 Drama featuring Graingers (Buffy Sainte Marie, Jim Davis, Ned Romero, Jay Silverheels--Indian girl returns from school in East unsure of whom she now is as far as her Shoshone culture is concerned)   [from Lone Star]

The HERO:  3.04  Drama featuring Betsy, Judge Garth, and Trampas (Steve Forrest--Betsy falls for ex-Foreign Legion hero who claims to be reporter eager to write about the Judge.  But Trampas suspects the man has other motives for being at Shiloh) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

HIDEOUT:  3.18  Drama featuring Betsy  (Forrest Tucker and Andrew Prine--Betsy befriends father and son horse breakers hiding out from the law)

HIGH STAKES:  5.10  Drama featuring Virginian (Michael Ansara, Jack Lord,  Terry Moore-- Outlaw brothers track down Virginian and a woman) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

HOLOCAUST:  8.17  Drama featuring entire "Shiloh Family " of Clay, Holly, and Elizabeth Grainger, Jim Horn, Trampas, and Virginian (Tony Franciosa, Harold Stone--Someone wants to keep Clay from getting cattle to market and burns down Shiloh ranch house) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

HOME TO METHUSELAH:  8.10  Drama featuring Virginian  (John Anderson, Anthony Call, Audrey Totter--Virginian joins old sheriff friend on hunting trip unaware they are really after outlaws that dynamited a bank which resulted in the death of several people)  [from Lone Star]

The HORSE FIGHTER:  4.09  Drama featuring Randy   (Harry Guardino--Randy admires a horse breaker and then finds he was planning to rob Shiloh)

The HOUR OF THE TIGER:  3.19  Drama  (Tom Tully, Leo Gordon--Judge hires group of Chinese workers to reopen mountain pass)

IF YOU HAVE TEARS:  1.20  Drama featuring Virginian   (Dana Wynter, Robert Vaughn--Virginian wants to clear friend of murder by getting on the good side of dead man's wife)

IMAGE OF AN OUTLAW:  7.06  Drama (Don Stroud as ranch hand who closely resembles notorious outlaw--Stroud in duel role)

IMPASSE:  1.08  Drama featuring Virginian, Trampas, Steve  (Eddie Albert as leader of horse thieving family) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

INCHWORM'S GOT NO WINGS AT ALL:  4.20  Drama featuring Jennifer (Lou Antonio, Stacy Maxwell--Jennifer befriends retarded girl who witnessed cold-blooded murder)

INCIDENT AT DIABLO CROSSING:  7.22  Drama featuring Trampas  (Gary Collins, Kiel Martin, Lee Kroeger, Steve Carlson, Bernie Hamilton, Anthony Caruso--Trampas suspects ex-Army man of killing his friend and destroying ferry crossing and has to deal with stage full of people and brother-sister team who all want box of payroll)

The INTRUDERS:  2.23  Drama  (David Carradine, Darren MacGavin--Outlaw wants to kill Indian Chief and holds Shiloh hostage)

The INVADERS:  2.15  Drama featuring Judge Garth and Trampas  (Ed Begley, Beverly Owen--Garth's old friend wants to establish bigger ranch than Shiloh and doesn't think a cowhand, especially Trampas, is good enough for his daughter)

IT TAKES A BIG MAN:  2.06  Drama featuring Judge Garth and Trampas (Lloyd Nolan, Chris Robinson, Ryan O'Neal--Garth's old friend wants him to take wayward son on as a ranch hand.  Trouble brews when the dissatisfied boy has a showdown with Trampas)  [*please note:  this episode was taped from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

IT TOLLS FOR THEE:  1.09  Drama featuring Judge Garth and Virginian (Lee Marvin as ex-con who kidnaps Garth and wants to push him to the limit)  [*please note:  this episode was taped from FAM or Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

JACOB WAS A PLAIN MAN:  5.05  Drama featuring Stacey Grainger  (Aldo Ray--Stacey befriends deaf mute who's wanted for murder)

JED:  6.17  Drama  (Steve Ihnat, Brenda Scott--Trampas' old friend is gunman hired to sabotage Clay's attempt to prevent a range war between ranchers and squatters but falls in love with sister of squatter) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

JENNIFER:  4.07  Drama featuring Jennifer, Judge Garth, Randy (James MacArthur-- Introduces Diane Roter to the cast as Garth's orphaned niece who befriends outlaw while on her way to live at Shiloh)

JOHNNY MOON:  6.05 Drama featuring Virginian  (Tom Bell, Ben Johnson, Bo Hopkins--Virginian helps wounded deserter from Canadian Mounties who had crossed border to look for outlaws) [excellent quality from Lone Star]

JOURNEY TO SCATHELOCK:  8.12 Drama featuring Jim Horn  (Anne Helm, Burr De Benning, Frank Campanella--Jim takes saloon girl's advice to put money to buy horses in hotel safe.  When girl and a gambler type disappear with the money, Jim tracks them to Canada)  [from Lone Star]

The JUDGMENT:  1.17  Drama featuring Judge Garth (Clu Gulager in pre-Ryker guest spot as troublesome man who, along with his family, tries to intimidate Garth and the townspeople to release his condemned brother.   This flashback episode explains Garth's decision to step down from being an acting Judge)

A KILLER IN TOWN:  2.04 Drama featuring Trampas, Judge Garth, Virginian (Broderick Crawford as bounty hunter who comes to Medicine Bow to get killer and suspects Trampas)  [*please note:  this episode was taped from the Encore Western Channel or FAM--no commercial breaks]

A KING'S RANSOM:  8.21  Drama featuring Clay and Holly Grainger and Virginian  (Jackie DeShannon, Michael Pate--Clay abducted and held for ransom by Australians)

The LADY FROM WICHITA:  6.03 Light drama featuring John Grainger and Trampas (Joan Collins, Rose Marie--Old friend of Trampas' wills his ranch to a saloon girl who turns out to be quite a lady) [*please note:  this episode was recorded from the FAM channel--no commercials, but it is missing a very small portion of the story]

LADY OF THE HOUSE:  5.28  Drama featuring John, Elizabeth, and Stacey Grainger (Myrna Loy as friend of John Grainger and house guest who upsets everyone at Shiloh)

The LAND DREAMER:  7.20  Drama  (Cloris Leachman, James Olson, Don Francks--Angry farmer kills man that foreclosed on him)

The LARAMIE ROAD:  4.12  Drama featuring Ryker (Claude Akins, Harold J. Stone, Leslie Nielson--Ryker's birthday bash is interrupted by murder and lynch talk) [*Bob says this is the best Ryker episode with outstanding performance by Clu Gulager]

LAST GRAVE AT SOCORRO CREEK:  7.16 Drama featuring Virginian (Steve Ihnat, Lonny Chapman, Kevin Coughlin, Jocelyn Brando--Virginian investigates old friend's lynching, but dead man's son wants vengeance.  Memorable Bernard Herrmann score) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

LEGACY OF HATE:  5.1  Drama introducing John, Elizabeth, and Stacey Grainger  (Jo Van Fleet, Jeremy Slate--The Graingers make their debut as new owners of Shiloh, fighting a vengeful woman that tries to ruin the family) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

LEGEND FOR A LAWMAN:  3.24  Drama featuring Randy and Virginian (Adam West--Virginian races against time to clear Randy of bank robbery and murder)

LETTER OF THE LAW:  4.14  Drama featuring Ryker and Virginian  (Simon Oakland, James Best--Ryker and Virginian seek to clear friend accused of robbery who was framed by man who wanted his wife)

LINDA:  5.12  Drama featuring Virginian   (Diane Baker, Frank McGrath--A web of crooks, missing loot, and doublecrosses...)

A LITTLE LEARNING . . . : 4.03  Drama  (Albert Salmi, Susan Oliver, Bruce Dern--Man wants some schooling so he can read his mother's diary)

The LONG QUEST:  2.27 Drama featuring Virginian (Ruta Lee, Joseph Campanella--Virginian tries to help widow keep custody of adopted son)  [*please note:  this episode was recorded from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

The LONG RIDE HOME:  8.01 Drama introducing Tim Matheson to the cast as Jim Horn (Leslie Nielson--Jim and "surrogate father" hire on temporarily at Shiloh.  After getting himself out of involvement with rustlers older man decides to move on because doesn't want to be tied in one place and tells Jim to stay at Shiloh until he sends for him)

LONG RIDE TO WIND RIVER:  4.18  Drama featuring Virginian (John Cassavetes, Michael Burns--Virginian brings in killer to clear his friend that has been sentenced to hang)

The LONG WAY HOME:  5.13  Drama featuring Virginian, Trampas, John Grainger (Pernell Roberts, Michael Burns, Noah Beery, Jr.--Outlaw hires on at Shiloh with hopes of going straight and getting back wife and son whom he'd abandoned years before)

LOST YESTERDAY:  3.20 Drama featuring Virginian (Shirley Knight, Monica Lewis--Woman trying to start new life with stolen money is saved from burning stage wreck by Virginian.  She awakens with amnesia, and Virginian wants to create her new identity for her until men who also want the money show up)  [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

A LOVE TO REMEMBER:  8.07 Drama featuring Virginian (Diane Baker--Virginian falls in love with artist/reporter from back East, but she can't forget her past and the man who killed her husband and son)

A MAN CALLED KANE:  2.30  Drama featuring Randy   (Jeremy Slate as Randy's long lost brother wanting to renew family ties)  [upgrade from Lone Star 4/03]

The MAN FROM THE SEA:  1.14  Comedy/drama featuring Judge Garth, Molly, and Trampas  (Tom Tryon, Carol Lynley, Shirley Knight--Retired sailor seeks wife and farm.  Falls for sister who wants him to kill her twin so she can be free)

MAN OF THE PEOPLE:  3.15  Drama featuring Judge Garth   (James Dunn, Arthur Space--Judge Garth tries to help immigrants who had been taken advantage of by opportunist congressman)  [*please note:  this episode was recorded from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

MAN OF VIOLENCE:  2.14  Drama featuring Trampas  (DeForest Kelly, Peggy McKay, Michael Pate--Trampas goes back to El Paso to sell ranch.  Searches for uncle's killer in Indian territory with   company of drunken army doctor and murderer's wife)  [please note:  this episode was received in trade--could be from FAM or USA in which case part of the story will be missing]

The MAN WHO COULDN'T DIE:  1.19  Drama featuring Judge Garth and Betsy (Vera Miles--Judge Garth hires a beautiful woman to be Betsy's teacher, but her occupation is in question after Garth kills a man whose body disappears)  [*please note:  this episode was recorded from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

The MARK OF A MAN:  4.30  Drama featuring Virginian (Harold J. Stone--Father doesn't want his daughter to marry a young man because he feels the boy's not good enough for her)

The MASQUERADE:  6.06  Comedy (David Hartman in pre-Dave Sutton role, Lloyd Nolan--Townsfolk decide to help bank clerk pretend he's sheriff in order to impress his visiting father, a former lawman)

A MATTER OF DESTINY:  2.21 Drama featuring Trampas and Virginian (Peter Graves, Richard Jaeckel, Jean Hale--Easterner asks Virginian to teach him all about cattle business, and Trampas must choose between the life of this man who wooed away his girl and that of his good friend)  [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

MELANIE:  5.22 Drama featuring Trampas and John Grainger (Susan Clark, Victor Jory--Trampas falls in love with dying Eastern girl) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

MEN WITH GUNS:  4.17  Drama featuring Trampas   (Brenda Scott, Telly Savalas, Buck Taylor--Trampas tries to encourage peaceful townsmen to fight land baron and his son but has reason to regret it when girl he's in love with is killed)

The MODOC KID:  5.19  Drama featuring Graingers and Ryker (John Saxon, Harrison Ford--Gang leader takes over Shiloh) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

The MONEY CAGE:  1.23  Drama (Steve Forrest, Bethel Leslie, Joanna Moore--Con man posing as geologist with elaborate scheme to get $150,000 loaned to bank of Medicine Bow by Denver State Bank)  [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

MORGAN STARR:  4.21 Drama introducing John Dehner to the series as Morgan Starr, interim ranch supervisor between Shiloh owners Judge Garth and John Grainger  [from Lone Star]

MOUNTAIN OF THE SUN:  1.28  Drama featuring Virginian  (Dolores Hart, Amzie Strickland, Jeanette Nolan--Virginian falls in love with one of the women while trying to help three widows of missionaries return to Yaqui territory to minister to the men who murdered their husbands) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

The MUSTANGERS:  7.11 Drama featuring Virginian (James Edwards, John Agar--Virginian goes on mustang roundup, and old cowboy becomes horse thief because wants money to send son to college)

NIGHTMARE:  8.16  Drama (Joan Crawford in episode written especially for her with Michael Conrad--Folks at Shiloh befriend a newly married woman who is besieged by family problems and accused of homicide)

NIGHTMARE AT FORT KILLMAN:  5.24  Drama featuring Stacey Grainger (James Daly, Les Crane, Johnny Seven--Stacey becomes entangled in terrifying web of deceit when  shanghaied by soon-to-be civilian Army man who claims Stacey to be the reluctant recruit he was sent to bring back to the post) [upgrade from Lone Star channel 4/03]

NO DRUMS, NO TRUMPETS:  4.28  Drama featuring Morgan Starr and Trampas (John Dehner, Leslie Nielsen, Julie Adams, Hans Gudegast--While in Mexico, Morgan tries to thwart ex-lawman's plan to kill a U.S. Senator and Mexican governor who are soon to arrive to sign a treaty)

NO TEARS FOR SAVANNAH:  2.03  Drama featuring Virginian  (Gena Rolands, Everett Sloane--Virginian rekindles romance with old flame just as she's falsely sentenced to death) [from Lone Star]

NO WAR FOR THE WARRIOR:  8.20  Drama featuring Jim Horn (Henry Jones, Charles Aidman, Charles Robinson--Jim arrested for helping fugitive Indian escape.  Indian must decide if he will give himself up to save Jim from hanging or go to Canada as he had planned)

NOBILITY OF KINGS:  4.08  Drama featuring Judge Garth and Virginian (Charles Bronson, Lois Nettleton--Man wants to be success even if it means breaking the rules and doesn't want wife to socialize with anyone) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

NOBODY SAID HELLO:  4.16  Drama featuring Judge Garth and Jennifer (James Whitmore, Steve Carlson, Virginia Grey--Is there any truth that an ex-Confederate officer fresh out of prison just wants to resettle with his family or is he out to extort money from Judge Garth?)

NORA: 7.12 Drama featuring Clay and Holly Grainger (Anne Baxter, Hugh Beaumont, Tim McIntire, Carlos Rivas--Clay's old girlfriend has plan to further husband's army career, but it backfires when she and Holly are captured by Indians) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star 5/02]

OLD COWBOY:  3.28  Drama featuring Trampas  (Franchot Tone, Billy Mumy--Trampas' compassion for an ex-trailboss and his grandson causes mishaps around the ranch until the old man proves himself when Trampas becomes seriously ill on a cattle drive)  [excellent copy with commercials from Lone Star]

ONE SPRING LIKE LONG AGO:  4.24  Drama featuring Randy and Morgan Starr  (Martine Bartlett, Eduard Franz--Morgan Starr and Randy try to help old chief who has left the reservation in search of buffalo, and a widow in endangered)  [please note:  this episode was received in trade--could be from FAM or USA in which case part of the story will be missing]

The ORCHARD:  7.03  Drama featuring Clay Grainger (Burgess Meredith, William Windom, Ben Murphy [Alias Smith & Jones], Tyne Daly, Brandon De Wilde--Clay feels responsible to help old friend from Texas who's run into a streak of bad luck)

The ORDEAL:  7.19  Drama featuring Virginian and Elizabeth Grainger (Robert Pine as spoiled young man taken on at Shiloh to learn responsibility whose carelessness results in death of Elizabeth's colt.  Proves himself when he helps wounded Virginian)

The OUTCAST:  5.07  Drama featuring Elizabeth and Stacey Grainger (Fabian as man on the run who is befriended by Stacey and Elizabeth)

PAID IN FULL:  6.10  Drama featuring Clay Grainger, Trampas, and Virginian (James Whitmore, Don Stroud--Ex-convict son feels Shiloh owes father for being crippled while saving Trampas' life in stampede)

The PAYMENT:  3.14  Drama featuring Ryker (Lloyd Nolan, Bruce Dern--Ryker tries to stop the ex-convict who raised him like a son from trying to pull of a "big job")

PORTRAIT OF A WIDOW:  3.13  Drama (Vera Miles, John Gavin--Artist has con game to swindle pretty widow)

A PORTRAIT OF MARIE VALONNE:  2.08  Drama featuring Virginian (Madlyn Rue, Mark Richman, Skip Homeier--While in New Orleans Virginian falls for beautiful Southern Belle who suddenly disappears)  [*please note:  this episode was recorded from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

The POWER SEEKERS:  8.04  Drama featuring Clay Grainger (Barry Sullivan, Andrew Prine--Clay learns about unscrupulous politics when opponents try to stop him from running for territorial legislature)

The PRICE OF LOVE:  7.18  Drama featuring Clay Grainger (Pete Duel [Alias Smith & Jones], Skip Homeier--Gunfighter who is like son to Clay stops at nothing to protect him)  [*Grand performances by both John McIntire and Pete Duel now in excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

The RECKONING:  6.01 Drama featuring Elizabeth Grainger and Virginian (Charles Bronson--While in Texas Elizabeth is held hostage by outlaw leader who has a score to settle with Virginian)

REQUIEM FOR A COUNTRY DOCTOR:  5.18  Drama featuring Virginian and Stacey  (Cloris Leachman--Virginian tries to clear Stacey of charge of killing town's beloved doctor)

The RETURN OF GOLDEN TOM:  4.25  (Victor Jory as broken down old outlaw glorified in dime novel being pressured to tell where loot is hidden)

RETURN OF A STRANGER:  3.10  Drama  (Leif Erickson, Peter Brown--Prospector's son returns from college with big ideas of making the mine a success)  [*please note:  this episode was recorded from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

RICH MAN, POOR MAN:  8.23  Drama featuring Virginian and Trampas (Jack Elam, Michael Larrain, Patricia Morrow--Shiloh neighbor gets a reward for finding stolen money but squanders it away trying to be the big man in the territory)   [*please note:  this episode was recorded from the FAM Channel--no commercial breaks, but it will be missing a small portion of the story]

RIDE A COCK-HORSE TO LARAMIE CROSS:  4.23 Drama with several comedic moments featuring Trampas  (Nita Talbot and very young Clint Howard--Trampas gets help from feisty woman ex-faro dealer to fight bounty hunters that are trying to return two kids to powerful grandfather in Mexico) [*Enjoyable Trampas episode]

RIDE A DARK TRAIL:  2.01 Drama featuring Trampas, Virginian, and Judge Garth (Royal Dano, Sonny Tufts--Virginian tells story by use of flashback of how Trampas came to Shiloh as trouble making, selfish kid gunning for the man who killed his father) [new upgrade from Lone Star 11/03:  *Bob gives this episode ****, and bj recommends this as a "must see" for any Trampas fan]

RIDE TO DELPHI:  5.02  Drama featuring Virginian (Angie Dickinson, Warren Oates, Harold J. Stone--Virginian accused of murder while trying to get stolen cattle back.  Old girl friend pretends not to know him)

RIDE TO MISADVENTURE:  7.08  Drama featuring Virginian (Joseph Campanella--Virginian has showdown with gang who robbed stage of anthrax vaccine) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

RIFF-RAFF:  1.07  Mostly comedy featuring Virginian, Trampas, and Steve (Don Durant [Ringo], Ray Danton--The Shiloh boys join Rough Riders to fight in San Juan)

RING OF SILENCE:  4.06  Drama featuring Ryker (Earl Holliman--Ryker wants even the murderer on board the stage he's riding on to have a fair trial instead of being handed over to vengeful family who wants to kill him)

ROAR FROM THE MOUNTAIN:  2.16  Drama featuring Steve (Jack Klugman, Joyce Bulifant--Steve is used for cougar bait by jealous husband)

ROPE OF LIES:  2.25 Drama featuring Steve (Diana Millay, Peter Breck--Steve leaves Shiloh to be foreman of pretty, but devious, woman's ranch)   [*please note:  this episode was recorded from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

RUN AWAY HOME:  1.29  Drama with comedic moments featuring Virginian (Jeannine Riley--Virginian hops a train to take Garth's money to a distant bank and finds himself in the company of a girl who begins introducing herself as his wife)  [*please note:  this episode was recorded from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

The RUNAWAY:  8.06 Drama featuring Holly Grainger  (Johnny Whitaker, Guy Stockwell--Graingers take on runaway from home for wayward boys who is looking for his father--the town drunk of Medicine Bow)

RUN QUIET:  2.09  Drama featuring Steve and Betsy   (Clu Gulager--Steve and Betsy try to help deaf mute learn to control his temper) [*please note:  this episode was recorded from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

RYKER:  3.01  Drama featuring Ryker and Trampas   (Leslie Nielsen--introduces Clu Gulager to the cast as gunman turned deputy) [*please note:  signal is weak on this episode]

The SADDLE WARMER: 7.01 Drama featuring Dave Sutton (David Hartman joins the Shiloh Family as David Sutton, a young man looking for meaning and new to the West and its ways)  [from Lone Star]

SAY GOOD BYE TO ALL THAT: 1.18  Drama featuring Trampas, Faraway, and Virginian (Fabian as young man who feels he must "be a man" by seeking revenge on Trampas for accidentally crippling his father and by fighting Moses the bear) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

The SECRET OF BRYNMAR HALL:  2.26   Mystery drama featuring Betsy and Randy (Jane Wyatt, Brooke Bundy, Tom Skerritt, Victor French--Woman is convinced one of deceased daughter's friends was responsible for her death in a fire and invites them all to her home on a stormy night to try to scare the guilty party into confessing)  [from Lone Star]

SETH:  6.26  Drama featuring Trampas (Michael Burns--Trampas finds troubled teenager while hunting cougar and offers him job at Shiloh.   Boy must decide if he wants to go straight or join back up with outlaws)

SHADOWS OF THE PAST:  3.23  Drama featuring Ryker  (Jack Warden, Marilyn Erskine--Ryker is target of two paroled men)

SHOW ME A HERO:  4.09  Drama featuring Trampas   (Richard Beymer, Leonard Nimoy--Trampas reluctantly becomes involved when a town is terrorized by old friend) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

SHOWDOWN:  3.29  Drama featuring Virginian   (Michael Ansara, Leonard Nimoy, Tom Skerritt--Virginian helps tough lawmen fight cattle rustling family) [upgrade from Lone Star 11/03]

SIEGE:  2.13  Drama featuring Trampas  (Elinor Donahue, Joseph Campanella--Trampas goes back to New Mexico to look up old girl friend.   Townspeople don't want to get involved when he brings in Comancheros who killed his old boss)

SILVER IMAGE:  7.02  Drama (Geraldine Brooks, James Daily, William Smith--Widow considers selling ranch to oil speculator until old flame photographer comes to town)

SINS OF THE FATHERS:  8.22 Drama   (Robert Lipton, Tim McIntire--Young troublemaker rescues Virginian from outlaws and hires on at Shiloh.  Clay refuses to fire him because he knows the boy is out to get revenge against him for his father's death and he wants him to hear his side of the story) [from Lone Star]

SIX GRAVES AT CRIPPLE CREEK:  3.24 Drama featuring Ryker  (John Doucette--Ryker quits job to track down man for personal revenge.  Suspects hoax when hears the man was killed by Indians and goes to check out grave site)

A SLIGHT CASE OF CHARITY:  3.21  Comedy featuring Trampas (Kathryn Hays, Warren Oates--Chamber maid posing as society girl "borrows" cattle sale money from Trampas)

The SMALL PARADE:  1.21 Comedy/Drama featuring Virginian, Trampas, and Steve (David Wayne, Barbara Barrie, and watch for an appearance by Doug McClure's daughter Tané as one of the children--Virginian, Trampas and Steve encounter a vegetarian with his chimpanzee and help a woman with a group of foster children) [*please note: this episode was recorded from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

A SMALL TASTE OF JUSTICE:  6.14  Drama featuring Virginian (Peter Brown, Susan Oliver--Virginian's horse is stolen by bunch of rowdy ranch hands.  While trying to get "Joe" back Virginian meets with old flame who is now married and has a daughter)

SMILE OF A DRAGON:  2.22  Drama featuring Trampas   (Miyoshi Umeki, Richard Carlson--Trampas accused of being stage robber and killer.   Runs from crooked sheriff with help of Chinese girl)

STACEY:  6.23 Drama featuring Stacey Grainger with rest of "Shiloh Family" (Lee Kroeger--Stacey hurts arm in buggy accident.  When girlfriend hints she doesn't want to have anything to do with a cripple, Clay asks Virginian to pressure Stacey into regaining his confidence)  [upgrade from Lone Star 11/03]

The STALLION:  3.03  Drama featuring Randy (Robert Culp as alcoholic ex-veterinarian who reluctantly helps Randy tend to an injured--and dangerous--black stallion)  [*please note:  this episode was recorded from FAM--no commercial breaks, but it is missing a small portion of the story]

STAR CROSSED:  6.04  Drama featuring Ryker (Kiel Martin, Tom Tryon--Ryker loses his job after refusing to arrest convicted murderer that was once his best friend)   [*Bob recommends this as one of the best Ryker episodes]

STOPOVER:  7.14  Drama featuring Virginian (J.C. Flippen--Gunfighter, once friend of Virginian, comes to Medicine Bow to kill men who left him for dead) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

STOPOVER IN A WESTERN TOWN:  2.10   Drama featuring Virginian  (Joan Freeman, Dick York--Young woman who is waiting for train to continue journey passes time by trying to make Virginian fall in love with her.  Tragedy occurs when she tries to make him jealous by pretending to be attracted to his close friend)  [from Lone Star]

The STORM GATE:  7.09  Drama featuring Trampas (Burr de Benning, Susan Oliver, Scott Brady--Trampas visits childhood friend who plans to swindle farmers out of their land by promising to build a dam)

STORM OVER SHILOH:  7.23  Drama featuring Elizabeth, Holly, and Clay Grainger, Trampas, and Virginian  (Elizabeth is trapped in abandoned mine.  Holly, Clay, Trampas, Virginian race against time to free her) [*bj recommends as a "Shiloh Family" type episode]

The STRANGE QUEST OF CLAIRE BINGHAM:  5.29  Drama featuring Virginian and Ryker (Andrew Prine--Virginian and Ryker try to convince young nurse that an outlaw is not her brother) [upgrade from Lone Star channel 11/03]

The STRANGER:  7.26  Drama featuring Virginian and Clay Grainger (Michael Conrad, Shelly Novack--Virginian hires quiet man who becomes prime suspect in robbery and murder)  [excellent upgrade with commercials from Lone Star]

STRANGERS AT SUNDOWN:  1.27  Drama featuring Judge Garth and Betsy  (Skip Homeier, Richard Anderson--Judge and Betsy under siege with others at stage station when outlaw gang leader wants to kill passenger)

The SUBSTITUTE:  8.11  Drama featuring Trampas  (Dennis Cooney, Beverlee McKinsey--While on vacation from Shiloh, Trampas is framed for the murder of a town's most loved doctor) [NEW from Lone Star]

SUE ANN:  5.16  Drama featuring Trampas and Ryker   (Patty Duke--Girl wants to leave home for adventures.  Boyfriend doesn't want her working in saloon and steals money so she can go to San Francisco) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

THAT SAUNDERS WOMAN:  4.27  Drama  (Sheree North as woman on trial for murder for the second time in her life)

The THIRTY DAYS OF GAVIN HEATH:  2.18 Drama featuring Judge Garth and Betsy (Leo Genn as Englishman who returns to Medicine Bow after making his fortune.  Afraid he's been bitten by a rabid dog and has only thirty days to live)

THROW A LONG ROPE:  1.03 Drama featuring Virginian and Judge Garth (Jack Warden--Virginian doesn't want to believe a down on his luck rancher is a cattle rustler)  [*please note:  this episode was recorded from FAM or Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

TIMBERLAND:  3.25  Drama  (Martin Milner and William Smith on opposite sides of lumber issue) [excellent upgrade from Lone Star]

A TIME OF TERROR:  8.19  Drama  (Joseph Cotten, Phillip Alford--Graingers held hostage by revenge seeking family that wants to trick Clay's friend, whom they claim ordered the death of their father, into coming to Shiloh)  [upgrade from Lone Star 11/03]

A TIME REMEMBERED:  2.12  Drama featuring Judge Garth (Yvonne DeCarlo as opera singer and old flame of Garth's whom he defends in trial for killing man who "broke in to" her room)

TO BEAR WITNESS:  6.11  Drama featuring Trampas and Ryker (William Windom, Malachi Throne, Joanna Moore--When beloved doctor is suspect, townspeople try to stop Trampas from looking into matters behind death of mean storekeeper)

TO MAKE THIS PLACE REMEMBER:  2.02  Drama featuring Judge Garth (Joan Blondell, John Dehner--Garth agrees to defend an aging dance hall queen's son on a murder charge but arrives too late to save him)  [*please note:  this episode was taped from FAM or the Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

A TOUCH OF HANDS:   8.10  Drama featuring Trampas   (Belinda J. Montgomery, Michael Constantine--Ailing father wants college attending daughter to go back East and disapproves of her desire to marry Trampas)

TRAIL TO ASHLEY MOUNTAIN:  5.08  Drama featuring Trampas  (Martin Milner, George Kennedy, Raymond St. Jacques, Steve Carlson--Trampas tries to clear his rancher friend of robbery and murder charges by going after man's brother-in-law with interference by bounty hunter, two greedy miners, and instigator of robbery)

TRAIN OF DARKNESS:  8.18  Drama  (Dennis Weaver as gunfighter being taken from train by victim's family)

TWO MEN NAMED LAREDO:  3.17  Drama featuring Trampas and Judge Garth (Fabian as young man with duel personalities)

VENGEANCE IS THE SPUR:  1.22  Drama  (Nina Foch, Michael Rennie--Gang leader tries to give himself up)

VENGEANCE TRAIL:  5.15  Drama featuring Stacey Grainger and Virginian (Mary Ann Mobley--brother of  man Stacey killed in self defense joins Shiloh cattle drive looking for answers)

A VISION OF BLINDNESS:  7.04  Drama featuring Elizabeth Grainger (John Saxon, Ben Johnson--Elizabeth loses her sight in stagecoach holdup in which everyone else is killed.  Befriended by man who is out to kill Trampas)

A WELCOMING TOWN: 5.26  Drama featuring Trampas (Robert Fuller, Lynda Day--Trampas goes to visit a friend but finds the young man has been killed after being accused of attacking a neighbor girl) [excellent upgraded copy 5/02]

WEST:  1.09  Mostly comedy with poignant dramatic ending featuring Trampas  (Steve Cochran--Trampas leaves Shiloh with three happy-go-luckies to find fortune and fun out West) [*bj recommends as an important Trampas episode]

WIND OF OUTRAGE:  7.05  Drama featuring Virginian and Trampas (Ricardo Montalban, Lois Nettleton--Trampas and Virginian get involved with French-Indian exile who must decide if he will join in another rebellion and risk execution or stay with his fiancée)

WITH HELP FROM ULYSSES:  6.18  Comedy featuring Trampas   (Hugh Beaumont, J. Pat O'Malley, "Shaggy"--Trampas reluctantly looks for ailing prospector's niece with help from shaggy dog)

WITHOUT MERCY:  5.21  Drama featuring Stacey (James Gregory--Stacey accused of murdering father that had forbade him to see his daughter)

The WOLVES UP FRONT, THE JACKALS BEHIND:  4.26  Drama featuring Randy  (Michael J. Pollard, Peggy Lipton, James Farentino--Randy gets involved in family feud when falls for girl whose brother is outlaw come home to die)

The WOMAN FROM WHITE WING:  1.02 Drama featuring Judge Garth, Virginian, and Betsy (Barry Sullivan--Garth's old friend turns up alive and out to get back at the Judge for "abandoning" him in the desert years ago.  He also wants something else that belongs to him--Betsy)  [*please note:  this episode was recorded from FAM or Encore Western Channel--no commercial breaks]

A WOMAN OF STONE:  8.13  Drama  (Bethel Leslie as woman back from long captivity with Shoshones desiring revenge on her husband who deserted her during Indian raid)

YESTERDAY'S TIMEPIECE:  5.17  Drama featuring Stacey   (Andy Devine, Pat O'Brien--Stacey travels to Colorado in search of Reservation Indians that probably killed his parents and sold watch belonging to his father) [upgrade from Lone Star channel 4/03]

YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER:  8.15  Comedy featuring Trampas  (Strother Martin, Elizabeth Hubbard, Noah Beery, Jr.--Girl from South comes to marry out West.  Entreats Trampas and kindly old horse trader to help her find dowry that was stolen in stage holdup) [*Entertaining Trampas episode]

YOU TAKE THE HIGH ROAD:  3.22  Drama featuring Virginian (Richard Beymer, Diana Lynn, Myron Healey--Virginian regrets teaching young man with sick herd of cattle how to shoot a gun)

The Men From Shiloh (re-title of The Virginian during the last season):

The ANGUS KILLER:  9.18 Drama featuring Virginian (Dina Merrill, Van Johnson, Ruth Roman, Slim Pickens, Chill Wills--Virginian tries to help widow find out who's killing her cattle) [*please note--approximately 10 minutes of the episode is missing about 1/3 of the way through the tape]

The ANIMAL:  9.16  Drama featuring Tate (Rudy Ramos, Chuck Connors, Ed Byrnes, Katherine Crawford--Tate tries to help deaf-mute Indian boy suspected of murder who's being hunted down by a posse

The BEST MAN:  9.02 Comedy featuring Trampas (Desi Arnaz, James Farentino--Trampas goes to Mexico with a friend who wants to get married then tries to prevent him and the girl's other suitor from killing each other)  

CROOKED CORNER: 9.07 Drama featuring Roy Tate and Col. Alan Mackenzie (Susan Strasberg, Kurt Kasznar, Brock Peters--Tate and Mackenzie help German immigrants who are terrorized by the gunmen they hired to protect them)

EXPERIMENT AT NEW LIFE:  9.10 Drama featuring Virginian (Ralph Meeker, Vera Miles, Sue Lyon--Virginian finds some Shiloh cattle in strange commune's herd.  Tries to rescue two woman being held hostage because they oppose commune's beliefs)

FLIGHT FROM MEMORY:  9.19 Drama featuring Col. Mackenzie (Robert Fuller, Burgess Meredith, Tisha Sterling--Col. Mackenzie takes unconscious woman to recluse's cabin.  The men take care of her and try to find out who she is and what she's running away from)

FOLLOW THE LEADER:  9:11 Comedy/Drama featuring Trampas and Col. Mackenzie (Tony Franciosa, Kate Woodville--Trampas suspected of killing another Shiloh hand, but he knows who the real killer is--the dead man's dim-witted cousin)  [*please note--this episode is now complete]

GUN QUEST: 9.06 Drama featuring Virginian (Joseph Cotten, Brandon de Wilde, Neville Brand, John Smith, Rod Cameron, Anne Francis--Virginian wrongly accused of being hired gunman.  Escapes lynching and goes on hunt for real killer)

HANNAH:  9.13 Comedy-drama featuring Trampas (Lisa Gerritsen, Susan Oliver, Warren Stevens, Peter Breck--Trampas meets man and his daughter on train.  When her father becomes ill and it appears  he doesn't have long to live the cowboy helps spunky little girl locate her mother)

JENNY:  9.03 Drama featuring Virginian (Janet Leigh, John Ireland--Virginian tries to protect old girl friend from three men who are after her for mysterious reasons)

JUMP-UP:   9.24  Final episode of the series featuring Roy Tate (John Astin, Madlyn Rhue, Jan Sterling--(Tate goes to the town of Jump-Up with intentions of seeing his old girlfriend, but when a cheating gambler is killed he is set up to take the blame)

LADY AT THE BAR:  9.08  Comedy featuring Trampas (Greer Garson, E.G. Marshall, James Whitmore-- Lady lawyer successfully defends Trampas during his trial on suspicion of murdering a miner)

LAST OF THE COMANCHEROS:  9.12 Drama featuring Col. Mackenzie   (Ricardo Montalban, James Gregory, Anthony Caruso--Mackenzie tries to raise ransom money to free lady reporter held by Comancheros)

THE LEGACY OF SPENCER FLATS:  9.17 Comedy featuring Trampas  (Ann Sothern, Bradford Dillman, Carolyn Jones, Edgar Buchanan--Two eccentric sisters believe Trampas to be the notorious Deke Slaughter and want to kill him and bury him in their town to bring the abandoned mining community back to life)

The MYSTERIOUS MR. TATE:  9.05 Drama featuring Roy Tate and Col. Mackenzie (Annette O'Toole-- Introduces Lee Majors as Roy Tate whom Col. Mackenzie saves from lynch mob.  Mackenzie's rich friend's daughter, whom the Col. is taking to her uncle in Cheyenne, is infatuated with the ex-convict.  After Tate prevents her from being kidnapped Mackenzie asks if he'd like a job at Shiloh)

NAN ALLEN:  9.14 Drama featuring Col. Mackenzie (Diane Baker, Tom Skerritt, E.G. Marshall--Mackenzie is attracted to a  pretty businesswoman but suspects her brother might be mixed up in murder)

The POLITICIAN:  9.15 Drama featuring Virginian (Diane Baker, Tom Skerritt, E.G. Marshall--Virginian goes to buy grazing land and becomes suspect in murder when gets involved with Senatorial appointee and his wife and alcoholic brother)

The PRICE OF A HANGING:  9.09 Drama featuring Roy Tate and Col. Mackenzie (Lew Ayres, Jane Wyatt, Tom Tryon--Tate seeks help for his injured boss but finds the only doctor in town is about to be hanged the next day)

The REGIMENTAL LINE:  9.21 Drama featuring Col. Mackenzie (John Saxon--Col. Mackenzie runs into bad weather, the cavalry, and a band of Indians when he hunts for the deserter from his old regiment who may have been responsible for his brother's death)

TATE - RAMROD: 9.20 Drama featuring Roy Tate (Michael Burns, Sally Ann Howes, Alan Hale, Jr.--Tate has his hands full with two teenagers and a dispute over barbed wire fences when he temporarily takes charge of a widower's ranch)

The TOWN KILLER:  9.22 Drama featuring the Virginian  (Peter Lawford, Brenda Benet, Howard Duff, L.Q. Jones--Virginian challenges leader of protection racket)

The WEST VS. COLONEL MACKENZIE:  9.01 Drama (Introduces Stewart Granger and John McLiam to the regular cast, with Elizabeth Ashley, Don DeFore, Martha Hyer--English Col. Alan Mackenzie takes over ownership of Shiloh Ranch)

WITH LOVE, BULLETS AND VALENTINES: 9.04 Comedy featuring Trampas (Art Carney, Tom Ewell, Jack Albertson, Deborah Walley--Trampas wins riverboat in poker game.  Aging bandits plan to use the boat to make their getaway)

WOLF TRACK (new 9/08):   9.23 Drama featuring Col. Mackenzie (Julie Harris, Pernell Roberts, Clint Howard--While tracking [and being tracked by] a wily killer wolf, Mackenzie becomes involved with a poor farm family and a bank robber)

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This page is maintained by bj   E-mail me with questions regarding THE VIRGINIAN/MEN FROM SHILOH episode story-lines.  Sorry, I'm rather uninformed about the other shows Bob has for sale.

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THE VIRGINIAN episode guide at TV Archives